07.10 Kate, Steve B (3 hrs) Rig 161d to Knossos
07.10 Sean, SteveJ, Tim (3 hrs) Aimed to push Moomintroll and Overflow (no log write up)
07.11 Kate, Brian, Steve J (6 hrs), Earl, Tim (5 hrs) Push Moomintroll
07.11 Steve B, Duncan, Danielle (8 hrs) Rig Siberia to Exhaustion pitch
07.12 Duncan, Steve B (16 hrs), Sean (14 hrs), Steve J (3 hrs) Rig Siberia to pushing front at Midnight in Moscow
07.13 Danielle, Brian, Steve J (6 hrs) Start to explore Overflow
07.14 Brian (5½ hrs), Earl, Steve J (5¼ hrs) Tourist to Knossos and finish Overflow
07.15-16 Duncan, Steve B (14 hrs) Down Midnight in Moscow to head of Rasputin
07.16 Kate (6½ hrs), Earl, Tim (5 hrs) Survey Overflow
07.16 Sean, Danielle (9 hrs), Kate (TU included above) Push Fuzzy Logic to bottom of 2nd pitch
07.20 Kate, Brian (8 hrs) Push and survey Eau Naturel off Locophobia
07.20-21 Duncan, Steve B (18½ hrs) Find (and survey) new deepest point below Rasputin
07.21 Julian H, Wookey, Andy W, Phil U (3½ hrs) Rig into Schneevulkanhalle to look for connection
07.23 Wookey, Phil U, Julian H (11½ hrs) Find Plastic Hell and Cardboard Heaven in Eishöhle
07.23 Steve B (no TU (but guess half hour), no log write up) Collect gear from Triassic
07.24 Phil U, Julian (7½ hrs) Push end of Cardboard Heaven to no avail
07.24 Brian, Danielle (no TU given) Push 2nd pitch in Fuzzy Logic
07.27 Phil U, Julian (2½ hrs) Attempt to climb out of Schneevulkanhalle to no avail, derig
07.28 Duncan, Danielle, Brian (12 hrs) Derig SEP
07.31 Phil U, Brian (11 hrs) Push Fuzzy Logic to split in ways and down one more pitch
08.01 Duncan, Danielle (12 hrs) Push Fuzzy Logic to horizontal level
08.04 Danielle (17 hrs), Duncan (17½ hrs), PhilU (16 hrs), Brian (16½ hrs) Survey new stuff and de-rig from bottom of Fuzzy Logic to 161d