07.21 Sam, Dave H, Mike TA, Becka, Tony R (5 hrs) Push QMs in Wheelchair Access
07.23 Tony R, Sam, Becka (5 hrs) Pushing end of Where the Wind Blows
07.23 Jon B, Adam, Mike TA (5 hrs) Push Wheelchair Access
07.24 Tony R, Mike TA, Sam, Adam (6 hrs) Survey in Wheelchair Access and find Lost World
07.24 Dave H, Jon B, Becka (5½ hrs) Pushing pitch in Alternative Universe
07.26 Becka, Jon B (6 hrs) Rerig and survey in Wheelchair Access
07.27 Becka, Robert Winkler + Robert (Stuttgart club) (7 hrs) Tourist and survey/push a little in Wheelchair Access
07.27 Sam, Adam (7 hrs) Surveying upstream in Lost World
07.27 Tony R, Jon B (time unknown, not in logbook) Surveying in Magic Jumars
07.28 JulianH, Anthony (7½ hrs) 136: Rigging in (new route at entrance)
07.28 Dave H, Mike TA (7¾ hrs) Photographing Lost World
07.28 Sam, William (7½ hrs) Surveying Lost World
07.28 Phil U, Duncan, Becka (7 hrs) Rigging towards Siberia, reaching Vom pitch
07.29 Becka, JulianH, Anthony (6½ hrs) 136: rig and survey to -189m
07.29 Tony R, Jon, Adam (5 hrs) Pushing (blind) pits in rift over Kein Zimmer
07.30 Jon B, Duncan (7½ hrs) Push on in Siberia
07.30 Sam (7½ hrs), Mike TA (6 hrs) Finish Magic Jumars, Sam rerig Where the Wind Blows
07.31 Tony R (7 hrs), Becka (8 hrs) 136: Rigging "damp route"
07.31 Julian H, Anthony (8 hrs) 136: Push Eyehole route to bottom at -257m
07.31 DaveH, Andrew K, Mike TA (5½ hrs) Photographic trip in Puerile Humour
07.31 Duncan, William, Phil U (11 hrs) 50m down Somebody Else's Problem in Siberia
08.02 Julian H, Becka (7 hrs) 136: Eyehole route Gods' Traverse and connect to Forbidden World
08.03 Julian H, Anthony, Becka (8 hrs) 136: Finding leads in Forbidden Land
08.03 William, Andy A (9 hrs) 136: Push the Gravel Pit in Forbidden Land
08.03 Duncan, Jon B, Andrew K, Phil U (14 hrs) Bottom Somebody Else's Problem
08.03 Dave H, Mike TA (5½ hrs) Try to bolt up Moomintroll, then tick odd QMs in Triassic
08.04 Dave H, Mike B, Juliet (9 hrs), Chris D, Mary (7 hrs) surveying in Lost World
08.05 Chris D, Andy A (12 hrs) 136: Pushing leads in Forbidden Land
08.05 Phil U, Phil B, Brian, Andrew K (11½ hrs) Survey LH branch of Siberia
08.06 Julian H, Andy A, Mike B (8 hrs) 136: Photo and lead check in Forbidden Land
08.06 Chris D, Mary (4 hrs) Ticked climb QM in Staud'nwirt Palace
08.06 Duncan, William, Jon B (17 hrs) Pushing below Somebody Else's Problem
08.07 Julian H, Chris D (8 hrs) 136: bolting Footlights traverse aiming for window to south
08.08 Dave H, Brian, Mike B (6 hrs) derig Wheelchair Access
08.08 Duncan, William (11 hrs), Jon B, Phil U (6½ hrs) derigged Siberia
08.10 Chris D, Anthony (~9 hrs) 136: Footlights Traverse
08.10 Brian, Phil B (9 hrs) 136: pushing in Tirolia Werke
08.11 Jon, Phil U (3 hrs) Moomintroll climb to aven
08.12 Chris D, Brian (13 hrs), Jon B (11 hrs) 136: Finish Footlights and start derig
08.14 Phil U (2½ hrs), Anthony (5 hrs) 136: derig