07.03 Anthony, Gunilla, Matthew, Steve (TU zero) Find a surface route to 161d
07.05 Steve, Matthew, PhilU (7½ hrs) Push Bugger (repulsed), big pitch and Trifurcation area, find Puerile Humour
07.05 Brian, Anthony (5½ hrs) Push 95-54, p10, p7
07.05 Nick, Helen (5 hrs) Push Rift off Trifurcation - Interview Blues (p35, p6, going)
07.06 Nick, Anthony, Brian (5½ hrs) Push off Trifurcation (big pitch and 95-55) (2nd write-up)
07.11 Nick, Brian, Anthony (8½ hrs) Push/survey Bottomless Pit of Eternal Chaos
07.11 Steve, Ralph, Matthew (6 hrs) Push Puerile Humour
07.13 (in logbook as 11th, but then 14th says "yesterday") AndyA, AndyC, DaveF, Juliet (6 hrs) Climbed Bugger
07.13 Nick, Brian, Matthew (8½ hrs) survey/Derig Bottomless Pit
07.13 PhilB, Duncan, Gunilla, PhilU (6 hrs) push holes, start of TP (95-31)
07.14 DaveF, AndyA, Juliet (6½ hrs) Survey Bugger, Fine Clean Rock
07.14 Lummat, Ralph (7 hrs) Find Natural City in Puerile Humour
07.14 Nick, Anthony, Brian (6 hrs) Push and Survey Interview Blues to 5th pitch
07.14 JulianH, Gill (estimated 7 hrs) Shortage of Walls to Rich Tea
07.14 Duncan, Gunilla, PhilB (estimated 5½ hrs) 161d entrance area, start of TP, Ring Piece
07.15 Lummat, Sam (6 hrs) Push rattling pitch and survey in Puerile Humour
07.15 AndyC, Dave (6 hrs) 86m of rope into Henri's Cat
07.15 MikeTA, JulianH (6 hrs) Tick QMs at Zombie and Ginger Crunch
07.15 Gill, Anthony (6 hrs) Survey derig Rich Tea connection, etc.
07.16 Sam, Brian (6½ hrs) Push Batman series in Puerile Humour
07.16 (not in call-out book?) Duncan, Gunilla, Anthony (6½ hrs) Surveying 95-31 (Dr. Snuggles)
07.17 Lummat, Gill, Phil, Chris, JulietM (8 hrs) Survey and push Puerile Humour
07.17 JulianT, Becka (12 hrs), Dave, Andrew (8 hrs) Rig to Knossos, Survey and push in Fine Clean Rock
07.17 Tina, MikeTA (6 hrs) Push Regurgitation, 12m pitch to end
07.17 Nick, Paul (7 ½ hrs) Interview Blues - rope too short
07.17 AndyC, Matthew, PhilU (6 hrs) Find 4s pitch in Genital Wart
07.18 Nick, Brian (7 ½ hrs) Rerig in Interview Blues and push
07.18 Sam, Lummat (8 hrs) Survey and push Puerile Humour
07.18 Becka, DaveF (8 hrs) Push Henri's Cat to end
07.18 Andy, JulianH, Chris (no T/U in log) Push Climb in Staud'nWirt Palace, and Stairway to Hell
07.18 Anthony, Steve, Duncan, Gunilla (6 hrs) Push and survey Hammeroids off Ring Piece
07.18 AndyC, PhilU (8½ hrs) Push 4s pitch in Puerile Humour - a Bad Case of Herpes
07.18 (not in call-out book) Gill, PhilB (1½ hrs) Touristing and picking up gear
07.19 Chris, Wookey (no T/U in log) Survey Knossos, Zombie Slime, below Overflow and Guillotine
07.19 (07.20 in log book) Duncan, Gunilla, Paul (7 hrs) Push pitches off Ring Piece
07.19 Becka, Sam (5½ hrs) Puerile Humour
07.19 MikeTA, Tina (5 hrs) Discover Alternative Universe
07.19? Gill Hole back of gear dump (96-100) (not in log, may not have occurred)
07.20 Nick, Anthony, Becka (8 hrs) Push 8th & 9th pitches, survey 5th to 7th, Interview Blues
07.21 JulianH, ChrisD (no T/U in log) Stabilise, survey and push beyond Stairway to Hell
07.21 Nick (6 hrs), Brian (9 hrs), Paul (8 hrs) Find Interview Blues 9th pitch is very deep
07.21 Sam, Craig, Lummat (8½ hrs) Push and survey Batman series (5-way area)
07.21 Becka, Anthony (9 hrs) Batman series - find 161e
07.22 JulianH, Fran, Pete (2½ hrs, not in log book) Push leads off Shortage of Walls
07.22 Paul, Brian, Ralph, Lummat, Craig (6½ hrs) Puerile Humour
07.22 JulietteK, MarkMc (7 hrs) Rigging Choss Pot
07.22 Sam, Becka (8 hrs) Survey Puerile Humour
07.22 Wookey, Andrew (8 hrs) Survey Forbidden Land
07.22 MikeTA, Tina, Penny (6½ hrs) Survey in Alternative Universe
07.23 JulietteK, MarkMc, Craig (7 hrs) Survey Choss Pot and rig final bit, then derig
07.23 DaveF, Becka (7½ hrs) (and Sam later, written up elsewhere) Push Fear-On traverse
07.23 Helen, Nick (8½ hrs), Brian (? hrs) Push/survey in Interview Blues
07.23 Sam (7½ hrs) Reflagging Triassic
07.23 Jeremy, Tony, DaveH, ChrisD (6 hrs) Wheelchair Access
07.24 Steve, Duncan (5½ hrs) Leads off TP (Hymen crawl)
07.24 Chris, Lummat (9 hrs) Push/survey beyond Fiveways
07.24 PhilU, Anthony, Becka (6 hrs) Survey and push LH (VD series) in Puerile Humour
07.24 AndyA, AndyW, Wookey, Sam, JulietM (5 hrs) Photo trip along TP and side leads
07.24 (not in call-out book) PeteL, Clive (2½ hrs) Tourist in big bits
07.25 AndyA, ChrisD, Lummat (no T/U in log) Survey Forbidden Land
07.26 Becka, Sam, Craig (6 hrs) Shaft bashing in Puerile Humour
07.26 Nick, Helen, Paul, Brian (5½ hrs) Push and Survey in Interview Blues under Minoan
07.26 Jeremy, MarkF, Tony (no write up) Push and survey Wheelchair Access
07.26 Anthony, Ralph surface survey 161f-e-d (not in log - no T/U)
07.26 Tina (3 hrs), MikeTA (3½ hrs), Penny (2 hrs) looking at holes in Alternative Universe
07.26 (not in call-out book) MarkM, JulietteK, JulianT, AllyG (1 hr) Tourist
07.28 Nick, Brian, Craig (8½ hrs) Push and Survey in Interview Blues under Minoan
07.28 Duncan, Steve (8½ hrs) Push Hymen crawl, photos
07.28 Wookey, AndyA (7½ hrs) Survey and push more in Forbidden Land
07.28 Anthony, Paul, Ralph (6 hrs) Push/survey hading rift, Puerile Humour (Iceland)
07.29 Nick (9 hrs), Brian, Craig (9½ hrs) Push survey Interview Blues, p40 (9th), p45 (10th) + more
07.30 Nick, Brian (13½) Push, survey, start derig in Interview Blues, 6 new QMs
07.31 Anthony, Paul, JulianT, Wookey (6 hrs) Survey Iceland
07.31 Nick, Duncan, Brian (6 hrs) Finish derig Interview Blues and Knossos
07.31 (not written up in log) Steve (est. 5 hrs), Dave H (4 hrs, personal comm.) Derig Puerile Humour plus other bits