07.05 Ali, Pete L (5¾ hrs) rig to Poxy
07.05 Mike TS, Sean, Andy Doris (6 hrs) rigged to Knossos
07.05 Anthony, Mike TA (6 hrs) rigged France to Algeria
07.07 Helen, Sean, Andy Doris, Andy A (9 hrs), Mike TA, Ralph (7 hrs) push off Gnome
07.08 Mike TS (9 hrs), Ali, Pete L (9½ hrs) rig to 3 Wise Men
07.08 Anthony, Scout (7 hrs) tourist to France, find (off Toothless)
07.10-11 Mike TA, Andy A (13½ hrs) push in Gnome II
07.11 Ali (½ hr), Mike TS (10 min) rerig and push in France
07.11 Anthony, Ralph, Helen, Andy D2 (8½ hrs) rerigging in France
07.12 Helen, Andy D2, Anthony (no TU) rig Top Loader into Twin Tubs as expected, survey, derig
07.12 Andy A, Olly (8 hrs) in Gnome, Driller Killer
07.13 Andy D, Ralph (4¼ hrs) survey Standard Deviation in France
07.13 Mike TS (2 hrs) wrote off a QM on way to Gnome
07.14 Andy A, Bob B, Mike TA (5 hrs) push Gnome to Vestabule and Chunnel
07.15 Julian, Bob B, Steve, Kate (13 hrs) push from Sultans into Flat France - 250m surveyed
07.16-17 Andy A (13½ hrs), Bob B, Mike TA (14½ hrs) push, survey and derig in Driller Killer
07.17 Julian, Ali, Anthony, Kate (9 hrs) push/survey in Flat France
07.18 Ali, Heather (4¼ hrs) abortive survey in France
07.19 Julian, Pete L (9 hrs), Steve (10 hrs) survey in Flat France
07.19 Andy A (9 hrs), Kate (10½ hrs), Anthony (10 hrs) survey in Flat France
07.20 AndyA (3½ hrs) to Dreaming of Limo to retrieve carbide bit and derig
07.21 Andy A, Olly (10 hrs) push Exhaustion Pitch to Siberia and survey
07.21 Mike TS, Steve, Pete L (5 hrs) push Rocky Horror ? survey Fudge Brownie
07.22 Julian, Heather, Martin (7½ hrs) push end of Fudge Brownie
07.22 Anthony, Ali (7½ hrs) survey Skeleton in the cupboard to Fat Knot Fruity
07.23 Andy A, Kate, Steve, Martin (12½ hrs) photo trip to Strange Acrossfall
07.24 Ali, Pete L (7 hrs) derig Far Too Far etc.
07.24 Anthony, Julian H (12 hrs), Martin (8 hrs) push, survey beyond Fudge Brownie, derig France
07.25 Andy A, Olly, Steve (4 hrs), Mike TS (6 hrs) derig from Knossos