06.30 Nick, Clive (3 hrs) rig entrance and 2nd
07.02 Adam, Mike TS (7½ hrs), Andy W (5 hrs) rig to Knossos
07.03 Nick (4½ hrs), Clive (4 hrs) start rigging France
07.04 Hugh, Julian H, Ali, Pete L (9 hrs) rig France almost to Algeria
07.04 Wookey, Tess (5 hrs) checking side leads above Knossos
07.04 Mike TS, Adam (9 hrs) push Final Cut
07.07 Nick (13 hrs), Adam (10 hrs), Mike TS (12½ hrs) push Gob into Dehydration
07.08 Julian, Pete, Ali (11½ hrs) push below Algeria
07.08-9 Wookey, Lummat, Julian T (16 hrs) rig to Far Too Far, find East Anglia
07.10 Lummat, David G (10 hrs) find Pitch-Ramp series
07.10 Anthony, Hugh A, Julian S (4½ hrs) surveying around 2nd pitch
07.12 Lummat, Mike TS (5½ hrs) finish Pitch Ramp series
07.14 Wookey, Adam (11 hrs) survey and derig Gob to Halfshaft
07.14 Nick (8½ hrs), Lummat, David G (7½ hrs) survey and derig Pitch Ramp
07.14 Anthony, Hugh, Julian S (6 hrs) push Ignore this bit
07.16 Andy W (6¾ hrs) photo, tourist and geology field trip to Strange Downfall
07.16 Julian H, Ali, Pete L (8½ hrs) push France down Titfield Thunderbolt, Attempted Penetration, Disintegration, Fat Knot Fruity, Natural Deception, Waterfalls Walk
07.16 Nick, Hugh, Mike TS (3½ hrs) finish Ignore this bit
07.17 Nick, Hugh, David G (8½ hrs) survey then push into Pointless
07.17 Julian H, Ali (8½ hrs), Pete L (7½ hrs) survey new France, derig to Algeria
07.18 Nick, Hugh (12 hrs) finish, survey and derig Pointless
07.18 Wookey, Mike TS, Lummat (16½ hrs), Clive (27 hrs) push Far Too Far
07.19 Julian H, Julian S, Ali (3½ hrs) find Clive in Boulder Alley
07.22-23 Wookey (38 hrs), Pete L, Mike TS (37 hrs) push Even Further (camping)
07.22 Julian H, Spencer, Ali, Anthony (13 hrs), Julian T (8 hrs) push France, find Twin Tubs
07.25 Pete L, Seb (6 hrs), Julian H, Hugh (4½ hrs), Ali (4 hrs) push France - flooded in Algeria
07.27 Julian H (6½ hrs), Pete L, Hugh (5½ hrs), David G (6 hrs) derig France
07.27 Wookey, Mike TS, Julian S (8½ hrs) derig Far Too Far
07.28 Wookey, Mike TS (4 hrs) derig from Knossos