07.07 Mark M (2 hrs) rigs and removes coax from Checkout -> Squeeze route
07.10 Andy, Jerry (8 hrs) rig to Knossos
07.14 Mike TA, Tina (6 hrs) rerig entrance, find Deep Sleep in Gnome
07.14 Andrew A, Dave F (11½ hrs) rig to Repton, find Pipeless, Satan's Sitting Room
07.16 Henri, Andy, Tony, Dave (10 hrs) push Garden Party
07.17 Mike TA (4 hrs) push Deep Sleep to end
07.18 Wookey, Mike TA (7½ hrs) survey Deep Sleep, push/survey in Gnome, drop coax down squeeze
07.22 Andy (7 hrs), Dave, Wookey (11 hrs) push Garden Party 80m down and survey new stuff
07.23 Jerry, Wookey (12½ hrs) push in Repton and SSR, find Silent Fellow, survey Pipeless
07.24 Andrew, Dave (9 hrs) push Garden Party into LHR, survey, derig
07.24 Tony (5 hrs) rig France to bottom of Roll of the Dice
07.27 Sam, Gill, Rachel, Julian S (5½ hrs) push Dungeon
07.27 Andrew, Tony (5½ hrs) in France, some falling done, one bolt in Toothless
07.28 Fran, Jerry, Mike TA (6 hrs) push France into Algeria
07.28 Sam, Julian S (6 hrs) survey Dungeon
07.29 Sam, Mike TA (11 hrs) push 110m in Pipeless (Mostly Mud) and surveyed out
07.29 Wookey, Andy (9 hrs) to HGS, then pushed QM to Pipeless
07.30 Wookey, Henri (9 hrs) survey Toothless to Algeria in France
07.30 Aggy, Andy, Sepp (7½ hrs), Jerry, Robert TWC (6 hrs) tourist to SSR + bit of rigging
07.30 Dave F (8 hrs) push Bladerunner
07.31 Tony, Sam, Mike TA, Tina (5 hrs) connect Dungeon to S'not
07.31 Gill, Rachel (5 hrs) Photos and side leads in LHR
08.02 Wookey, Andy (15 hrs), Jerry, Aggy (14 hrs) push 3 Wise Men, check pitch, reach far side, find Black Velvet rig in Mostly Mud, rerig in SSR, survey
08.03 Dave H, Julian, Olly (8 hrs) push, survey, derig France
08.04 Wookey, Andy (15½ hrs) survey Far Too Far and derig, rerig up-pitches
08.05 Dave F (14½ hrs), Henri (14), Dave H, Wookey (9½), Andy (9), Clive (8½) derig from Strange Downfall, survey & derig Bladerunner