07.05 Mark D, Fran, Paul S (5½ hrs) rig 161c down to Dice
07.05 Wookey, Iain, Henri (9 hrs), Gill (7 hrs), Mark S, Julian S (5 hrs) rig entrance and Dreamtime
07.06 Mark D, Fran, Ian H (4 hrs) fail to rig Roll of the Dice due to crap driver
07.08 Wookey, Mark S (9 hrs), Iain (7 hrs) rig to head of Knossos
07.10 Wookey, Henri, Andy (15 hrs) survey and push Burble
07.11 Mark D, Mark F, Julian S, Paul S (5½ hrs) survey France to Dice, rig Roll of the Dice
07.13 Andy A, Julian H, Mark S, Julian T, Mark M (14 hrs) survey S'not, push Burble to Leadmine, Repton and Endless, survey Leadmine
07.?? Iain M, Ian H, Fran (7 hrs) start rigging Dungeon
07.?? (before 14) Iain M, Del, Fran (8 hrs) more rigging Dungeon - find S'not to bypass squeeze
07.14 Andy, Ian H (4 hrs) survey in Dreamtime (survey book says 9th)
07.14 Olly, Wookey (5½ hrs) derig Dreamtime
07.16 Andy, Julian S, Mark M (17 hrs) push/survey down Burble to bottom of Exhaustion
07.16-17 Wookey, Gill (15 hrs), Henri (5½ hrs) push & survey in Burble/Repton
07.17 Paul S, Mark D, Penny, Tony, Hugh (4 hrs) flood stops survey in France, photos
07.?? (before 20) Mark F, Iain M, Jon W, Fran (10½ hrs) rig LHR to Niflheim
07.20 Olly, Julian S (5 hrs) rediscover Bullshit Alley (as Snapoffalot) from Big Sainsbury's
07.20-21 Wookey, Andy (15 hrs) rerig Niflheim, push Time Dilation, Ambidextrous, some survey
07.21 Andy, Tony, Mark S (3 hrs), Henri, Fran (5 hrs) survey in France and push on one pitch
07.22 Mark S, Julian S (3 hrs) derig France
07.22-23 Wookey, Olly (20½ hrs) survey S'not, rerig Niflheim, find & survey Trehala, survey Hellgrind, Ambidextrous, find Repton->HGS link, fix rope on Repton, derig Burble stuff to Knossos
07.?? (after 23, before 25) Julian, Tony, Mark S, Fran (6½ hrs) derig Knossos
07.25 Wookey (½ hr), Olly (1 hr), Andy, Fran, Henri (surface) derig entrance