08.21 Mark D, Jeremy: Discovery of KH (I think - none too clear from log) (no TU)
08.23 Mark D, Jeremy (5 hrs) push entrance shaft (I think)
08.23 Chris D, Becka (6½ hrs) find Rabbit Warren
08.24 Mark D, Jeremy (4 hrs) push towards Big Sainsbury's
08.24-5 Chris D, Becka (8 hrs) push Adrian's route and inadvertantly cause call-out
08.26-7 Roddick, Keith M (10 hrs) push Adrian's
08.26-7 Chris D, Becka, Jared (10 hrs) survey Rabbit Warren
08.26-7 Mark D, Jeremy, Jenny (4½ hrs) survey 6 legs from entrance - then broke pen
08.29 Mike M, Jane, Jeremy surface survey to entrance
08.29 Mark, Jared (7 hrs) push Adrian's but no go
08.29 Chris D, Becka (8 hrs) rerigging 2nd and finding new ways
08.29 (says 30 in log) Del, Wookey, Adam (5 hrs) survey entrance and some Adrian's
08.30 Mike TA, Mark, Wookey (8 hrs) find Chunnel (I think)
08.31 Jeremy, Wookey, Mark R (8 hrs) push from Mike TA's muddy slope
09.01 Ian, Del, Adam (8 hrs) survey, photo, derig in Adrian's
09.02 Chris D, Becka (8½ hrs) survey below squeeze
09.02 Del, Wookey (3 hrs) derig Adrian's
09.02 Mark D, Chris S (who failed to descend squeeze) (7 hrs) survey above squeeze
09.02 Mark R, Juliette (8 hrs) pushing below squeeze in RHR
09.02 Joe, Jared (9½ hrs) push LHR down "Baker", Oubliette
09.03 Jeremy, Adam, Del (7 hrs) survey Chunnel ? fail to push
09.03 (says 04 in log) Tina, Keith (9 hrs) put 2 bolts in head of Niflheim, and name it
09.03 Wookey, Mark F (7 hrs) survey LHR
09.04 Mike TA, Mark D (8 hrs) get 50m down Niflheim to rock bridge
09.04 Wookey, Adam (7½ hrs) find Knossos to Carrefour
09.05 Del, Jeremy (7 hrs) survey Knossos
09.05 Mark F, Keith, Ian (10 hrs) photo trip to Knossos
09.06 Wookey, Mike TA, Adam (8 hrs) derig RHR and sketch survey Tower Blocks
09.06 Jared, Tina (8 hrs) derig LHR, survey Arrow Cha. to Butcher
09.07 Mark D, Juliette, Del, Jeremy (4 hrs) derig to surface