145 Wolfhöhle history


Here, "no TU" means none recorded in log book.

07.28 John B, Julian G discovered entrance on walk back from 140
07.30 John B, Julian G, Ben, Naomi (no TU) explore to first big pitch
07.31 Naomi, Julian G, Ben, John B (no TU) down several pitches till out of rope
08.01 Naomi, Julian G (no TU) survey to Wolf cha. and photos
08.04 John B, Julian G (no TU) rig to head of Tiddley Pom at 160m
08.04 Ben, Naomi (4 hrs) tidy up leads near entrance
08.08 Gail, Phil S (no TU) tidy last loose end near entrance
08.08 Naomi, Wiggy (no TU) survey Big Leap back to Wolf cha.
08.09 Julian G, Wiggy (no TU) 5 pitches (7 bolts) down to ~300m
08.10 Naomi, Wiggy (no TU) finish survey near entrance
08.10 Mike T, Chas, Julian G (7¾ hrs) derig and survey


07.23 Pete L, Wiggy (7 hrs) rigging in
07.25-26 Pete L, Andy D (28 hrs) rigging to 'c350m', then trapped by flood
08.01-02 Andy D, Brian D (15 hrs) push to c '395m'
08.02 Mike M, Pete L (no TU) reach the bottom
08.04-05 Wiggy, Brian D (17½ hrs) surveying almost to end
08.05-06 John P, Bill (20½ hrs) more survey and start derig
08.06-07 Andy D, Mike R (16 hrs) derig