Gear Order Guidelines


We normally buy 200m of 9mm and 200m of 10mm, although you may like to get some 11mm if stocks are running low. The preferred brand is Equirial available from Starless River. You'll also want some slings, the standard length are 120cm.

Keep records in the expo handbook rope history page.

Metal work


For discounts, and sharing equipment purchases with CUCC see the instructions on the Expo Treasurer page.

O-rings can be bought on expo in Lagerhaus but in individual packets of 2 and very expensive.

Other survey and electrical stuff

We don't have a regular order for this sort of thing yet, but think about adequate suppies of

First Aid Stuff

This needs checking and re-stocking every year. This should be a separate task with nominated person.

Past years

You will need to consult what has been left at top camp and in underground camps the previous year. It is also very useful to see what was bought and used in previous years:

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