Expo 2017: Things bought

This page says who has purchased what.

Fill in what you have bought, make sure you keep the receipts! Hopefully the formatting is fairly obvious.


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Name          Item     Comments
Elaine Hose, funnels, water containers, cord, stove, small cookset Organhoehle camp things
Elaine Loads of purple gear tape
Elaine Nail polish x5 getting more next time I get a chance to head into town
Elaine Reflective spoke things To test out in case we need to mark a path underground for a rescue
Elaine Couscous, Smash, cocoa, tea, coffee, soup sachets, some oatso, sauce
Elaine 20 pencils, 100 poly pockets, lever arch file, mouse
Elaine 500 HKDs, 4 drill bits, 1 setter
Elliott Rope
Elliott Hangers
Elliott Curries, noodles
Haydon Whiteboard for top camp, whiteboard markers x4