Stuff left in Austria after Expo 2005

I have no idea what happened to the list of stuff left in Traungold. Sorry. Someone must have it.

In the loft

25 unmade tags
13 made-up tags
2 barrels carbide
3 reels blue string
Box of books
800g tub of Fassreiniger (i.e. disinfectant for water butts)
30m extension lead
Box of washing powder
Sleeping bag (Mark)
Tray of petrol, paraffin etc
Petrol can
Computer stuff
Printer paper
2 survey tapes
Lengths of 11mm 2003 rope: 12m 25m 44m 24m 32m
Lengths of 2000 rope: 16m/10mm 18m/10mm 21m/11mm
Unspecified amount more 2000 rope
Big roll of reflective tape
Hacksaw + spare blade
Plastic wallets
Sticky printable labels
Box of old log books etc
Box of electrical sockets etc
Expo tent
12v to 230-240v inverter
3 hammers
Pot with few spits + setting tool
2 drills
Box of big nails (for tent pegs)
Nest of ladders + 2 spreaders
4 deckchairs
Drill charger
2 stoves
Bier tent
3 vegetable racks
2 cartons of assorted cutlery, crockery + pans
Deep fryer
Cup of bolts for bier tent (with spanner)
Random bit of car engine, in black bin bag, purpose unknown
Box of random crap
Another box of random crap 
Tony's Walking Stick, Hands Off!!
Water gun
3 folding chairs

In red box (still in loft)
3 pots nail varnish
Small daren drum
Hilti setter
Bag of 30 bolts
4 drill bits
20 hiltis
Rope protector
4 survey tapes

In random box #1:
Mouse trap
Reflective cairns
2 drill bits
20 candles
Tent pegs

In random box #2:
Survey notebook backings
1 therion protractor
1 ruler
2 pencils

Food in the loft:
2x1.68kg (7.3l) instant cheese sauce
Army box full of spices
Large box of assorted spices
96 cup-a-soup 04/05
Noodles: shrimp + parsley 40; won ton 28; chicken + chilli 21; chicken 24; masala 22; curry 19; vegetable 1
Pasta (05) 2x5kg 9min; 3x5kg 5-8min; 6x1kg 6min
103 Crazy Caramel/Mars (05)
65 Nutty Nougat/Snickers (05)
4 Crunchy Caramel/Twix (05)
36 2-person top camp meals (05)
44 1-person top camp meals (05)
1 two person bag of rice (05)
20 slabs flapjack (05)
6kg Tesco Value muesli (04)
2x2kg chocolate muesli (05)
1x1kg fruit muesli (05)
11 cans Mornflake (very old!)
22x250g instant mash (04)
19x1kg Sonnenblumenbrot flour (05)
13x1kg Hausbrot flour (05)
17x1kg Weissbrot flour (05) - all flour "mit Hefe"
2x1.5kg Strong White flour best before Feb 05
2x1.5kg Strong Brown flour bb Jan 05
2x2kg Strong White bb Mar 05
Oatso: 146 original; 163 flavoured (all 05)
Tub of custard powder - needs milk
300 tea bags
1kg (for 50l) klare Gemüsebrühe (some sort of stock cubes?)
2 tubs curry paste
1 Felix Hot Ketchup
Frit can containing: rice, pasta, teabags
Frit can of bread-making stuff (includes scales etc)
Crate containing: tins of veg x9; plum schnapps; big tub of oil.