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To see the "data maintenance" and "survey data-entry" to-do lists, go to the other TO-DO list

Module to-do texts

These are extracted directly from the todo = '''Thing to do ''' string at the top of each file of troggle code:

Process Documentation

Wallets and new-cave
  • Explain how to link a new cave into the other caves in troggle filesystem
  • Explain how to add photos with the correct URL format to sub-HTML files attached to New Caves
  • svx check
  • explain command line to run on newly typed survex file to check for format errors '$cavern xxxx.svx'
  • explain when to use svxtrace.py current scripts
  • Making an svx - explain how to make link to *ref to wallet folder
  • explain how to put stuff in the wallet folder and how to look at expofiles/photos/xml/
  • Add to user data manual how to upload to expofiles - in the "survey manual"
  • Add in description of *where* to put the drawings files
  • Wallets re-programming

    Things wallets.py might do in future
  • - integrate into troggle, remove as a distinct script
  • - relates to conversion of the XRF shell script into python/troggle too
  • - checking the cave number specified matches the folder for the .svx file,
  • - checking that the *ref: filed in the survex file is the same as the wallet nameS
  • - detecting whether there is a description or a list of QMs in the survex file,
  • - accepting a list of .svx files and not just one (a very common thing),
  • - checking the name of the cave against the cave number,
  • - checking whether the website page even exists for this cave,
  • - being more intelligent about .topo files and thus the lack of scan files,
  • - checking the date is in the recent past etc.
  • Surveys data entry documentation

    Write code to automatically extract ref info about wallets from tunnel xml files
  • This will replace :drawings:chk-xml.txt as used by :drawings:check-xml.sh
  • Do similar for Therion files when people start using #REF comments
  • 2019 surveyscans
  • edit all the content.json files
  • try to autocomplete the content.json by parsing .svx files
  • Put personal names into canonical form
  • 2014 contents.json
  • parse all the svx files to extract people, dates & svx references
  • Handbook

    Navigation - Context, Situational Awareness
  • No overall view of what there is: need a user-friendly diagrammatic overview sitemap. There are 4,869 files in :expoweb:
  • Not fixed by menus - breadcrumbs needed?
  • Diagrams of major sections: survey handbook, rigging handbook, computing handbook, Areas, cave data..
  • Chase Airoa to help fix the menus for phones
  • Look at gov.uk guidelines for inspiration
  • Areas and prospecting guides

    Areas (these are the sub-areas)
  • Downgrade the "areas" aspect of the documentation as we don't use these now
  • Prospecting Guides & slippy map & GPS tracks
  • Redesign to be used as overlay on phone/tablet using essentials.gpx data
  • Photos

    Fix the BINS package (Wookey is looking for replacement)
  • set up git on the BINS software? Fix base url sautret.org
  • set up a cron / Makefile job to run BINS
  • why is 'updatephotos' script in expofiles?
  • Document the ~expo/webphotos/ directory and how it works
  • Why does expofiles/photos/xml/ get created containing all the generated xml files? Fix this.
  • galley thumbs etc.
  • :expoweb:/galley/0.htm thumbnails not loading
  • Laptop config.

    imagemagick convert
  • Not working for PDFs on current version of xubuntu ! Fix & document. Also not working on WSL ubuntu. Needed to work with logbook images easily & to extract PDFs, JPEGs. Need to edit /etc/ImageMagick-6/policy.xml cromwell-intl.com/open-source/pdf-not-authorized.html
  • System Documentation

    Document how we generate the SMK overall lengths and stats
  • scripts and manual actions in cavern
  • smklengths.sh script
  • smklengsths.odt
  • :loser:/docs/ files
  • Questions.txt
  • SMKlog.txt
  • Troggle architecture
  • Regenerate the diagram of the tables in the database & document
  • Describe the parsing/import procedures so non-nerds can do it
  • Surveyscans
  • explain where the image files are referenced from: svx, tunnel/therion, and
  • Be exhaustive in checking all the broken links between svx & wallets
  • non-troggle scripts
  • DOCUMENT them all - have we got ? //expofiles/unidentified_scripts/ !
  • Makefile
  • Get it working ! How many of other scripts should be in it ? Should we do data imports to schedule too ?
  • Troggle

    QM links in cave descriptions ALL BROKEN
  • There are HREF links to individual QMs in the cave description in e.g. 204 Swings and Roundabouts such as "At the bottom there is a climb down over boulders [C2001-204-45 C]." where the troggle URL fails completely.
  • Better import error messages
  • REPORT 'folder not recognised' errors into error log inside database -> "DataIssue" register
  • Troggle parser/viewer
  • Explain how expopages (formerly flatpages) work. refer to computing/hbmanual1.html
  • Completely new design of QM management needed
  • see QM status and redesign needed document
  • Troggle Refactoring

    Make parsers use generators to yield one line at a time
  • Both recursive load and linear load parsers/survex could do this.
  • In the logbooks parsing and cache loading.
  • Replace assert() with dataIssue [NOTIFICATION pattern] or Exceptions
  • https://martinfowler.com/articles/replaceThrowWithNotification.html
  • Python documentation: Django's use of modern unobvious idioms
  • [DECORATOR] pattern used for login-required pages
  • Get all trogglistas to read https://ebookscart.com/effective-python-by-brett-slatkin-pdf-download/ - downloded to /expofiles/
  • Get all trogglistas to read https://martinfowler.com/tags/refactoring.html
  • Flatfiles is used to deliver CSS and JS for django admin pages,
  • staticfiles django plugin broken, not needed so use flatfiles but fix awkradnesses such as /expofiles/ directory listing not working
  • Expo Server

    document cgit installation and config
  • as per Wookey on new server Debian 10
  • document directory structure
  • as per Julian's GitHub list - then close that issue. Use 'tee' to create ascii art for this.
  • permissions
  • do we need a cron job or has the group membership fix fixed it ? either way, document it.
  • Makefile - and permissions.
  • Apache & MySQL configuration
  • DOCUMENT How to set up a server
  • Fix and document permissions for cron jobs
  • Document "anacron" / cron system on server
  • Explain why Docker containers can be a maintenance nightmare unless built from a script
  • /expofiles/ needs config , refer to apache/django docm.
  • admin/doc/ BROKEN PAGE needs config - refer to django docm.
  • This to-do-list gadget itself

  • This one is being replaced by HTML5 with no JS. But the other todo page still uses JS
  • Make it only click once to change display state of the DT tag
  • Eventual aim
  • to replace GitHub CUCCexposurveyissues for non-tunnel, non-GIS issues.
  • if using tinymcs, use the INLINE mode.
  • Implement comments on an issue, mimicking GitHub issues wiki
  • Use javascript to skip over the _edit page and submit changes direct to server when updating. Needs direct POST and include the javascript in the posted content.
  • checkboxes so that items can be ticked (which also does strike-through)
  • promotion/demotion options?
  • bin icon to delete an item? Better to have an archive process.
  • Testing area..
    Demonstation text as initially read from disc

    See also Data maintenance to-do list
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