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Cave Data Updating

To see the "handbook updating" and "troggle/system" to-do lists, go to the other TO-DO list

Update Cave Number <=> Kataster list
:expoweb:/noinfo/cave-number-index last updated in 2016
Kataserable Or Not
:expoweb:/noinfo/katasterable-or-not needs updating
PENDING - 2015, 2000
Check that the list from :expoweb:/pending/2015/katasterable has been done. [Last Updated 8th Feb. 2016 by Wookey] latest kept in noinfo/cave-number-index (?). Wookey to confirm and delete older copy in pending/2015/
Check that the 4 lists in :expoweb:/pending/2000/ have been done. Anything not done to be moved into this to-do list.

Cave photos needed, especially entrances

New katastered caves need photos
1626/359 Homecoming Cave Heimkehrhöhle 2018-dm-07
1623/290 Fish Face Cave Fischgesicht-Höhle 2017_cucc_28
1623/291 Happy Butterfly Cave Glückliche-Schmetterlingshöhle
1623/285 Knackered Tacklesack Cave Geknackter-Packsackhöhle 2006-08
1623/288 Purple Lupin Cave Lila Lupinenhöhle 2015-mf-06
1623/295 No Watermelon Cave Keine-Wassermelone-Höhle cucc-2017-23
1623/293 Blocked Air Cave Blocklufthöhle 2010-03
1623/296 Double Gemse Cave Doppel-Gemse-Höhle 2012-70

Logbook fettling

2019 Logbook
transcribe the rest of those UKcaving blog entries into expoweb/years/2019/logbook.html
copy the photos from the UKCaving blog into expofiles/photos/2019// -- in fact many of those photos are already there
edit in the links to those photos in the right place in 2019/logbook.html
Garlic cave
edit logbook entries 2018, 2019 to link to extensive photos of Garlic cave area {Withnall 2018} , {Becka 2019}
Add missing images to logbooks
2018, 2009, 2008, 2001 , 2000, 1992, 1989,..2011? List here: pubs.htm Previous years HTML logbooks are missing images extracted from scanned PDF copies of the logbooks.
2018 logbook:
RENAME files of photos /2018/BlogPostPhotos/* from .JPG to .jpg as the generated .xml files get confused.
2011 logbook:
type up via-ferrate & bolt-testing writeups (In paper book, not in scan or HTML)
1982 Logbook - no diagrams
It has been typed but there are no diagrams. Scanned PDF recently acquired.
200? logbook:
Type up "list of GPS locations still to type"
2017 logbook remaining diagrams?
DONE 2020-08-01

Wallets/Scan fettling

2018 surveyscans & wallets
merge /copies/ subfolder in 2018#10 & 2018#22 - there should be no subfolders.
should these 2018#10 & 2018#22 folders be X type?
2018#X03 has a subfolder - merge this (what is an SQL file doing here ?) (drawings .th and .th2 to be moved to :drawings: repository)
wallets and SVX file *refs
Look at svxvalid.html and resolve all the MISMATCH errors in *ref and .json 'survexfile' links

Tunneling to do

Put in tunnel plan instead of scan of drawn-up notes.
Draw up elevation (therion)

Tackle Store Records

No authoritative list of where the expo paper records are!
NO expo paperwork at all prior to 2008 in Tackle Store - where is it ?
FIND where all the wallet binders are, and the logbooks. <
BUY A4 plastic boxes for filing cabinet for logbooks getting damp there.
2017, 2018, 2019 wallet binders are in Philip S.'s house.


(All moved verbatim, original to-do file now empty.)

person size phreatic tube, left passage emerges at pitch head, right passage becomes too tight.
Sandy crabwalk turning into a tube parallel to main passage connecting to ein und zwanzig
Pitch dropped round the corner from the pitch in noserock. Lots of break-down and pitch ended in a choked chamber floor.
;Small grotty hole in the floor of eis koek aven, which connects through to the nearby large hole down to a circular ice floor.
; continuing north from northhole, there is a series of freeclimbable avens going upward, the final survey station is at an awkward but not impassable squeeze. A handline would be very helpful in coming back down. There are also two connections to the frozen north, one is a tube at head height and the other is a small crawl at the start of the choss slope leading to the first aven climb.
;linking icecock aven to the ice pit in north hole.
;small sandy floored tube connecting the icecock bypass to the northhole passage
linking the bottom of the pitch (name?) to the rift above gosser wager and the pitch down to it, continuing to a boulder choke.
Rift passage heading South, with a 15m pitch at head. Clean walls, rubble floor. Leads to short down climb before more rift and another pitch series.
climb up between wall and block, aided by two bolts, to enter ice lake chamber. Ahead is a large aven with snow slope entering. Just before this is a small passage on the right. Climb up into this and follow ice inlet until breaks out into large aven and trench area at station 12. To the south is/was unexplored, but later connected to rest of cave. To left is small sanding tube to view into same trench system.
left juction in frozennorth where there are sandy crawls, comes out on a precarious ledge above a big hole. Traversing around this leads to a medium sized sandy crawl sloping downwards to a huge chamber with a pitch suspected to be the north end of lead 93B from the start of expo2015 in turtlehead.
A rift passage that loops round and links 2 chambers, with possible leads at the end at station 5.
continuing A lead at south end of dark arts, went in then surveyed out but didn't make it all the way to connect up the surveys.
Linking avalancheexperience to cathedralchasm without having to use the dodgy data in chamber90b survey
really fucking huge chamber with many good leads. turns out it was already surveyed as chamber90b be Julian.
Coming fdrom Cathedral Kazam a wet traverse across a pitch David dropped a setter down. Passage continues to chamber with a loop coming off to the left up and emerging at top of chamber en route. from cahmber a rift goes off up right with main passgae continueing straight. Also a small lead to left leads round to two small 5m pitchs containg crystal formations. A traverse continues on with another pitch. Taking the main route from the chamber a sandy passage leads past three bat skeletons before becoming a crawl, eventually reaching a junction. the larger passge to the left links back to the passge near trident junction/ gear dump. This bypass is now the recommended wat to reach cathedral kazam.
heading south out of amalgamation you arrive at a large long hole in the floor. Partial completion of traverse over hole, plus exploratin of two small side leads. Left over small rock bridge ends in blind pot. Right hand small passage soon becomes too tight.
short pitch down to large aven chamber with vedose rift in floorway.
After dropping initial pitch (Deep Space 9) approx 25m in hilt-a-plenty. After dropping initial pitch (Deep Space 9) approx 25m in hilt-a-plenty. Long rocky chamber from bottom of pitch to next unexplored pitch. Slope near end up left ends after short distance. Small side passage near start on right continues to small sandy chamber with several leads. From here archway leads onto bouldery ledge in side of very large chamber to be explored.


(All moved verbatim, original to-do file now empty.)

import other 258 files:
To draw up!!!

258/whatwouldyourmothersay.svx needs drawing up from notes in 2016#27  (we missed it out)
264/doublescoop from notes in 2016#34
nothingtosee3:  264/wallet 2017#52 needs printing out and drawing up

dogendseries:   2017#42   notesplan

Need to find the snow symbol
How to make the jar file work again (and then update all copies in svn)

nothingtosee --> imported
sloppyseconds2 --> imported
naturecalls --> imported

created 264post2017b
created sloppysecondspart

Sync 2016#19 snowhole back to expo computer (as well as whole of 2017)

Rescan notes  for 2017#50 (cropped)

2017#12. 264/nothingtosee  ULSA distoX. Length calibration -0.05 ('tape too long'). Is that right?
2017#15 not_the_best elevation drawn, but not beastsideleads? Plans for bth

To get the files here:
rsync -av /home/julian/data/expodata/expofiles/surveyscans/2017/
To copy a rendered survey up:
scp /home/julian/data/expodata/tunneldata/2017-09-28incomplete1.png

tunnocks high level
not_the_beast          2017#15
rigormortis            2017#43
tunnocks deep stuff
mastercave             2017#16    drawnin
gryke of the earth     2017#17
loserlido              2017#44
snakecharmer           2017#06   
slackerstidyup         2017#05 background
raisinhell             2017#04
therestherub           2017#02    drawn
snakecharmer2          2017#31   
snakecharmer3          2017#32
hipsterreturn          2017#35
lowersnakebite         2017#40
beckoningsilence       2017#41    drawnin
bahama                 2017#45
cathedralchasm offshoots
the_mendips        2017#18  !!!Missing folder!!!  no drawing
mysterious_schlag  2017#19  is a pitch in cathedralchasm
pointless_dig      2017#20
naturecalls        2017#47  not tied in from bottom of Ash's pitch in cathedral chasm bit (have faked it)
galactica area fuckups
sloppyseconds1  2017#01
galactica       2017#03
sloppyseconds2  2017#07
sloppyseconds   2017#42   dogendseries
secondhand      2017#49   

missing bit     2017#52
nothingtosee    2017#12
nothing2see     ???  lost wallet #24 centreline typed
nothingtosee3   2017#52  recovered

hilti_nts_bones_pitch  2017#21   -linked in now
hilti_nts_near_bats    2017#22   -linked in now
hilti_nts_near_start   2017#23

nothingtosee    2017#39
surface crap
prospecting   2017#08
prospecting   2017#09
prospecting   2017#10
prospecting   2017#11
prospecting   2017#24   !!! not nothing2see as documented
watermelon    2017#28
kitten-helicopter 2017#33
prospecting   2017#34
Fish Gesicht (2017-cucc-28)
fishface      2017#38
fishface      2017#46
windytube     2017#37
icytube       2017#48
fgh           2017#50
blitzen       2017#53

gsh entrance  2017#25
gsh           2017#26
coulda        2017#27
gsh           2017#29
riftpiece     2017#30
Bad Forecast (2017-pw-01)
gardeningshoots        2017#13
thirdentrance          2017#14
badforecast            2017#51


(All moved verbatim, original to-do file now empty.)

Cave: Balcony (Far Side to Deep Balcony)
Trident is a four way junction- take the left fork to an alcove on the left with an obscure mud floored crawl. This is followed for 10m, improving to walking height. Follow past two bat skeletons then right turn to another bat; continue ~20m. A mud floored junction, turn right to the head of a traverse then pitch after 10m. Straight on would have led you to a noteworthy drippy pitch (Kathedral Chasm).
The traverse to pitch is the beginning of Honeycomb (50m of pitches). This swings to a window, following the rope to a ledge 10m above the floor. From here there's a narrow popcorn-lined climb to the head of a 7m pitch. At the bottom, climb the slope and follow obvious continuation (draught) to the head of 12m pitch. This pitch lands at the top of Hangman (p30), on account of the huge hanging boulder. (The near side of the boulder descends to the way on to the top of Mongol Rally, whereas the far side of the boulder is rigged to swing into a window half way down, Myopia. This is a passage heading north, traversing around a large pit, leading to another pitch which could be traversed around, ?a.)
----Nature Calls----
At the bottom, follow the traverse round to a mudslope. At the top of the mudslope there is an awkward crawl for 10m, soon improves to walking. Follow this passage for 30m. There's a p5, follow the rope to the head of the Mongol Rally (p200).
----Mongol Rally and Little Boy----
Descending this rope lands into a roomy boulder chamber. Walking down the slope between boulders (distinguished path in the mud), leads to a blind pit and big aven. A right turn takes you to stooping height passage, for 50m to the head of Little Boy pitch (20m). There is a significant draught here; follow this. The camp is currently at the base of the pitch (August 2018).
----Water collection----
There are three exits to the chamber.
1. a short crawl
2. a climb down on the far side.
Both lead to the same place and draught.

Leave on the far side of the chamber, via a climb down and turn right, climbing down a boulder into pleasent walking passage, very straight and heading north. The floor is soft wet mud. After ~100m a stream trench enters on the right, followed round a corner into a drippy aven. Collect water here, scoop (mug) advisable.
(Currently unconnected from Grand Prix)
----One direction----
A little further on from the right turn towards the water cllection, is a muddy ledge on the left hand side (1m from ground). Low crawl continues for 100m in straight line, over three puddles. Stal, but largely unnoteworthy. Ends at the Tsection into clean washed tall rift with sounds of water. Downhill leads to promising a lead, in clean washed rock, sketchy c6, requires rope, heads into rifty stuff. Uphill, includes split (meander) to scoopy loopy junction.
----Scoopy Loopy----
Scoop it until you loop it. Junction has small a lead on right hand wall, to sound of wet rift. Obvious way on cuts left, walking passage heading upwards until low crawl into breakdown chamber. A climb on the right links into Grand Prix.
----Nothing to do with you traverse---- (ntdwyt)
The passage towards the water collection is followed, beyond the turning for water. This leads to a pitch down (Indy Rally) or a traverse left. The traverse left goes ~10m, before muddy walking passage ~30m until it chokes.
----Little boy beneath the boulders----
A short 2m climb through a boulder choke leads to break down chamber directly below grand prix. Qmc at station 8, p10, probably drops level with station 6 (lbbeneaththeboulders).
----Little boy bolt climbs----
From the grand prix, left from little boy beneath the boulders is a large hanging boulder. Traverse along massive choked boulder on left hand side of grand prix. Not derigged. Climbs up steep mud slope into rift that shortly forks (station 4). P15 qmc down from here, leads probably to lbbeneaththeboulders. Sketchy rift climb qmc from here, dispute about seeing a human sized passage beyond here.

Generic things to check that they are all OK

All these svx files have commented-out *include statements. Are they all OK? SHould some of these files be deleted ?
In the :loser: repository

1623-and-1626-with-terrain.svx:	;*include surface/terrain/tdm.svx
1623.svx:	;*include gpx/all_gpx
1623.svx:	;*include 2018/additional_info.svx
caves-1623/115/115fix.svx:	;*include 115rest
caves-1623/161/phumour/allphs.svx:	;*include folly (data now included in Natural\svx)
caves-1623/161/phumour/allphs.svx:	;*include ftoloopy (data now included in loopy\shaftmin)
caves-1623/161/phumour/allphs.svx:	;*include morlinks (data now included in loopy)
caves-1623/161/phumour/allphs.svx:	;*include morloops (data now included in deadbats\loopy)
caves-1623/2017-cucc-28/2017-cucc-28.svx:	;*include fishface2
caves-1623/2017-cucc-28/2017-cucc-28.svx:	;*include fishface1
caves-1623/204/gaffered/allgaffered.svx:	;*include terrafirma2
caves-1623/204/nearend/nearend.svx:	;*include pretty
caves-1623/258/258.svx:	;*include magicglue.svx
caves-1623/258/arcticangle.svx:	;*include straightchoice
caves-1623/258/sovein2.svx:	;*include sovein
caves-1623/258/stonemonkey/stonemonkeyallnobble.svx:	;*include stonemonkey3
caves-1623/258/stonemonkey/stonemonkeyallnobble.svx:	;*include stonemonkey4
caves-1623/258/stonemonkey/stonemonkeyallnobble.svx:	;*include stonemonkey5
caves-1623/258/stonemonkey/stonemonkeyallnobble.svx:	;*include stonemonkey6
caves-1623/258/stonemonkey/stonemonkeyallnobble.svx:	;*include stonemonkey7
caves-1623/264/264.svx:	;*include chamber90b
caves-1623/264/264.svx:	;*include imfunckintired
caves-1623/264/TEMP-pre2018only-264.svx:	;*include chamber90b
caves-1623/264/TEMP-pre2018only-264.svx:	;*include naturecalls
caves-1623/caves-hinterland.svx:	;*include haldenloch/haldenloch
caves-1623/caves-smk-north.svx:	;*include 136/136-correct.svx
caves-1623/caves.svx:	;*include 148/148
caves-1623/caves.svx:	;*include 211/211
caves-1623/caves.svx:	;*include 213/213
caves-1623/isolate_connection_258_264.svx:	;*include ../fixedpts/allfixedpts.svx
caves-1623/isolate_connection_258_264.svx:	;*include ../caves-1623/caves.svx
caves-1623/isolate_connection_258_264.svx:	;*include ../caves-1623/caves-smk.svx
caves-1623/isolate_connection_258_264.svx:	;*include ../surface/1623/allsurface.svx
caves-1623/isolate_connection_258_264.svx:	;*include ../fixedpts/gps/tracks/alltracks
caves-1626/caves-no-schoenberg-hs.svx:	;*include E08/e08 ; no entrance co-ordinates
caves-1626/caves-no-schoenberg-hs.svx:	;*include E16/e16 ; no entrance co-ordinates
surface/1623/allnr40.svx:	;*include senioren
surface/1623/allnr40.svx:	;*include hagel
surface/1623/allnr41.svx:	;*include BunttoP0
surface/1623/allsurface.svx:	;*include 258to264
surface/1623/allsurface.svx:	;*include butterfly_to_fish

List of jobs in :loser:/docs/Questions.txt

Jan 2015, Dec 2013, Apr 2013. 2012
Jan 2015
Arge dataset merge:
32/links.svx says
 "*export 27_5	; neu2013.0" in ARGE dataset
 "*export 27_5	; forever.5" in ours.
are both right?
There is also an "Anschluss Schnellzug" exported in our dataset, biut not theirs.
32/forever has p1-p22 in it, which is confusing given our 'p' convention for entrances.

outstanding issues:
named instead of numbered caves:
loutotihoele, blaubeer, gassischacht etc
*fix in each cave (but commented)
File headers outside surveys
All single-line exports

Named caves should go to 

Dec 2013
p87 moved 46m between ARGE git dataset and cucc dataset. Check!
flusstunnel was missing from CUCC dataset. added. 

 944 99680m CUCC: 59666m Arge: 40027m  All fixed (50m difference in 40)
 936 98786m CUCC: 59666m Arge: 39120m  142 missing, and Data missing in 40 
 880 97915m CUCC: 59175m Arge: 38741m 

Arge in git repo 2012 39017m

Comparing arge per-cave length spreadsheet finds that 40 and 41 are
500 and 600m shorter in CUCC dataset than ARGE one. 41 is due to 142
being separated out in our dataset. 40 is due to more missing
flusstunnel data.

alice-umgehang (bypass) file from 1998 exists in RobertW dataset,

March/April 2013 stuff
BS17 data added.

There are two 233s. How shall we fix this? 'blaubeer' has no entrance
fix so not connected.

144 merged. should me2 be better called meander2.svx?

88 merged. sophy survey moved out of lerche1 

merged all olly's date adittions back in merged set
merged olaf's gps recalcs into merged set
merged olly's changes in plateau area (2004_03 gps point replaced with
surface survey). other surafce survey connection to p107 fixed.

In 143/canyon.svx this line was added:
; anpassung zu vermessung
3_6_7  6_7  0  0  0
to 2010 survey. Was this in fact done in 2011 or 2012? when the 
; Messteam: Andreas Scheurer, Schnitzel, Lothar Midden
; Zeichner: Lothar Midden
*date 2011.08.07
survey was done?

If so it should have relevant metadata, or infact just be put down at
the bottom with a note about where it refers to.
You've commented it out in latest dataset. 
"; wozu? auskommentiert 2011-11-19 (thomas)"

where did 143/krone.svx go? Just superceded?

41 merged: 
germanrt split out of e41 survey

115: b9 duplicate survey - keep or remove?
 CUCC surveys all moved into cucc subdir. Old SU conversions replaced 
 with newer ones. Akte surveys renamed. Stream split in surveys.

Juttahoehle: 'jutta.svx'. This is 1984 data from Franz Lindenmayr. Has
been under '40' since 2000. Now moved to Juttahoehle dir. Is it really
a separate cave?

We don't have entrance locations for: E08, E16, E18, Nachbarschacht
(in 233 dir), gruenstein. Does data exist? 


-- 233. Robert Seebacher's kataster spreadsheet has 233 = Betthupferle, and the length and depth match the svx file betthupferle.svx. I have thus renamed betthupferle.svx to 233/233.svx and copied the ent coords out of RS's file. But Blaubeerschacht also claims to be no. 233. I have put blaubeerschacht in but not linked it, as we don't have an entrance fix.

-- Which points of Griesskogelschacht are entrances?

-- File "neu.svx". What is the deal with this? Does the cave have a name or a number?
 Example data file for 'new survey'?

-- 41/entlink.svx -- what does this do?

-- The 1987 extension in 87. This doesn't match anything in the ARGE data,
whereas the original 1980 survey data looks like the ARGE data rotated
somewhat. I have left this unlinked. Perhaps best to ask Robert Winkler.

-- 87 location fix and the 115 connection. The entrance fix for 87 in ARGE's file is over 50m different from the entrance fix from our surface survey. Bizarrely, CUCC's ent fix gives a smaller misclosure than ARGE's when you tie into 115.

-- 113. ARGE's data and CUCC's data cover different bits of the cave and don't really match very well.

-- 145. I have combined CUCC's data and ARGE's for the upper level resurvey. Any comments?

-- 41-144 connection. Is the line 
*equate 144.144verb.58          41.entlueft.9_10
correct? It appears in some of the ARGE index files and not others!

113 cucc replaced by ARGE

why is e142 survey inside 41? 142 is separate cave. We have an
antrance location for it. Is it in fact used in any of the surveys?

152 (bananahoehle) is connected to 113 (sonnetrahlhoehle). but p152=Q3
on stogersteig. No GPS or fixed point in ents file. Why not?

136 cannot be processed on its own due to 136d not being connected.

Need to get better info on errors with/without surface and GPS and old
and new. And decide wht to do about caves that can't be processed
alone. Put fixes into all cave files? How do we do updates then?

Demonstration text as initially read from disc

See also System Maintenance to-do list
Back to Data Maintenance manual