Mentorship Programme


  1. To better integrate new expedition members and increase oversight through individual responsibility.
  2. Help new members to the expedition by having someone dedicated to helping them be successful on expedition.
  3. Help older members of the expedition spread the responsibility of helping new members and maintain sustainable ratios of new and old members.

Programme Overview

A mentor is someone who has previously been on at least one CUCC expedition and has proved themselves competent in expedition caving as judged by their peers and is committed to helping their mentee. Prospective new members to the expedition will be required to have a mentor for the expedition. Mentors will be allowed to mentor one first time expedition goer. If there is a person you want to be mentored but you already have a mentee, help them find another person to mentor them. Ideally, the mentor and mentee should be on expedition together for a minimum of the first week of the mentees expedition attendance. The mentor and mentee do not have to cave together exclusively but the mentor should oversee the mentees plans to make sure the plans are suitable for the mentee.

Notes for 2024

Reasons for this change

(based on the feedback form we all completed for Mike at the end of Expo 2023)

Role of a Main Mentor

Before Expedition

On Expedition

Role of the more experienced Mentor

Role of the Mentee