Organhöhle inventory 2017

compiled by Elaine

Kit is all stored inside the mouth of Organhöhle itself:

1 300g pk dried milk
? soups
1 bag couscous
1 large bag flapjack
(possibly coffee, list unclear)
Protein powder
Hot sauce
Tealight candles
Tea bags
2 mugs
15m of 12.5mm hose
6m of 19mm hose (in 2 lengths)
1 log tarp with bivi string attached
3 25l water carriers w/taps
1 80l Daren drum
2 funnel (med/lge)
2 sieve (fine mesh, can be taped into funnels)
Bivi hangers
Bivi cord
Washing up liquid
Grike bag -> 1 roll TP, lighter, 1/2 large hand san
2 or 4 screw top gas cans (figure unclear!), 1 is 1/3 full
50-60m spelenium gold
2 camp beds
1 karrimat
Survival bag
Peli case
4x smoke pellets, lighter
Nail polish