Expo 2007: mission statement

Expo 2007 (Cambridge Austrian Cave Science Expedition)

Expo 2007 (Cambridge Austrian Cave Science Expedition) seeks to build on decades of expeditions by incorporating scientific research aims while maintaining a high standard of original exploration and survey. Below is a provisional outline of our major exploration and research goals. For additional descriptions, please see the grant and institution application page. The gear requirements page addresses rope lengths required and other gear that needs to be budgeted.

Note that numbers given by cave names are those of the Austrian Kataster for our area.

Exploration Goals



Surface and shallow work near Steinbrückenhöhle bivvy


Surface and shallow work near 76 bivvy

Research Goals

Caver stress physiology (paper to be published, Djuke Veldhuis)

Condensation and cave microclimates (undergraduate dissertation to be completed, Aaron Curtis)

Testing of a shorter exposure radon detection method (Mark Dougherty)