Expo 2007 Committee

Note that individual tasks are allocated using the wiki: "http://expo07prep.curtii.mine.nu/index.php/Main_Page" [site now defunct - that's why we should always use expo-hosted or cucc-hosted software systems, Ed.].

Name Position Task
Aaron Curtis Expedition Leader Announce expo, create database of interested people
Form expo committee, allocate jobs
Pre-expo website responsibilites
Public relations
Djuke Veldhuis Research & Sponsorship Coordinator Oversee research program
Grant applications (with Aaron)
Scientific outreach
Compile list of companies to contact
Compose letters (with Aaron)
Printing and mailing
Mark Shinwell Travel Coordinator Determine who will use what vehicles
Book ferries
Richard Mundy Treasurer Expo accounts and monetary policy
Dave Loeffler Webmaster and Kataster Coordinator Update website with new finds and developments after expo
Nial Peters Gear Officer Oversee expo gear order with club tacklemaster Ollie Stevens
Responsible for managing gear in Austria and approving any emergency gear purchase.
Phil Underwood Medical Officer Ensure first aid kits are prepared
Collect medical information
Responsible for health and medical issues during expo
Lucy Freem Stash Design Expo 2007 tshirts and CUCC 2007 tshirts / hoodies
Earl Merson   Construct charger circuit for solar panels with 12 / 24V switch
Wookey   Insurance
Survey equipment maintenance
Frank   Fixing drills
Olly Betts & Jenny Black Food Officers Plan