Expo 2007 (Cambridge Austrian Cave Science Expedition): caving gear requirements

The deep exploration goals and of Expo 2007 and large number of people coming on the expedition mean that we will need a large quantity of rope, more than the ~1400m which the club currently owns (rope will be purchased at the gear order between now and Expo). This page is still in progress but serves to help us plan and budget the use of rope and other gear. Thanks to David Loeffler for providing estimates.



Pitch or traverse name Rope required (m)
A ent (Trick or Treat) 36
Jim'll Fix It 28
Thread Pitch 30
Ariston 1 28
Pot-U-Like 45
Aris 3 + Steel Toecap 80
Aris 5 (the crap one) 35
Kiwi Suit 1 + 2 101
Kiwi Suit 3 30
Kiwi Suit 4 61
cascade 14
Black Lightning 25
Mystery Wind 65
Easy There / Steady Now 25
unnamed pitch 7
Copper / Mash Tun 50
Yeast 15 (?)
Nordic Traverse 10
13 Yr Pitch /Pepper Pot 35
Paster of Muppets 11
traverse to 2004 limit 21
Total 752


Gaffered to the walls

Note that the 2007 expedition will attempt to be find a shortcut around Gaffered. However, as the vertical distance is the same, it is likely a similar amount of rope will be requred.

Pitch or traverse name Rope required (m)
E entrance 40
Magic Roundabout 12
Gaffer Tape 90
Tape Worm/LX/Eyehole 91
Trihang/Cerberus 55 [*]
Sirens traverse 15
Gardeners' World 30 (?)
University Challenge 20 (?)
Total 350



Approx. 200m required

Tackle sacks

Estimate pending.


Estimate pending.