2003 Expo priorities

The three primary goals for 2003 are:

The people principally responsible for organising each of these three parallel efforts will be:
Razordance:Dour, Mark, Dave
Gaffered:Martin, Earl
Eislufthöhle:Olly, Tony

There are also a number of auxilliary projects. These are largely intended for people to do on rest days, or if they don't feel like doing a big pitch series. Some of these are listed below; cf. the 204 QM list.

Pitch series (requiring bolting)

Horizontal stuff in Steinbrückenhöhle

Other caves

* The MFC tube comes out in the side of a large shaft which continues both up and down. This may connect with a doline on the surface almost directly above. If so, this would provide a seventh entrance to Steinbrückenhöhle, although this would not be of much use given the unpleasant nature of the crawl connecting it to the rest of the cave.