Callout book 2000

2000.07.27, Earl, Martin
204, 110 a day
Survey QMs 11,12,13 + maybe 9 +10


2000.07.27, Duncan Dour
204, ariston
rig in

2000.07.30, Becka, Julian
161d, KH, Regurgitation
Push rift in regurg after rigging ladder
Findings:Double light failure by julian

2000.07.30, Wookey, Andy
96-02 area {hinter} and VD1
ind and survey and tag various surface caves

2000.07.30 (6pm), MarkB, Martin
steinbrucken, Brian's route
survey ?s along 110-a-day

2000.07.31, MikeTA, Becka, Julian
161d, regurg
rig at end
Findings:kept going wet & grim

2000.07.31, wook, andy, bob, fay
eishohle, POV

2000.07.31, brian & earl, Julia
Steinb, down passage & pitches near pendulum
Bolt and survey pitch & chamber & further pitch off 2nd chamber up climb w/ dodgy boulder

2000.07.31 olly, marks, Kdave

2000.07.31, Dour, dunks, mick
204, Ariston
rig to bottom push on into new ground

2000.08.01, becka, julian
161d, regurg
rig pitch bolted at end + continue - if stillgrim, survey +derig

2000.08.01, daveH, marks, olly
eishohle, up ice climb in SVH
Survey and push pitch beyond
Findings:24m pitch, 45m pitch- mark + olly going to base camp

2000.08.01, julia
161d path then to 161c
look for lost caves 192, 193, 187, Cairn routes

2000.08.01,Earl, martin
survey and push passage + pitch at top of pendulum pitch (King carbide)

2000.08.01,Dunks, dour, mick
204, ariston

2000.08.01, Bob, fay
icehohle Quick route
reclaim equipment

2000.08.02,Bob+fay, meeting Wookey+andy

2000.08.02 Martin, Brian
Steingbrucken, Brians new bit turn right just before pendulum towards 7B, survey

2000.08.02, Becka, bill, sharon
161d, tourist->staudnwirt palace+along to knossos (nothing vertical)
Findings: 2:45 bimble

2000.08.02, anthony, julia, earl
surface bimble, to 161a/161c area
search for 187, 192, tag and surf survey if found
Findings:bollocks all

2000.08.06, earl, brian,martin
steinb, thread needle, pendulum passage new chamber
push big pitch. photograph

2000.08.06, becka bob
surface walk to look or caves, starting from near 204
Findings:new cave near steinb looks good-showed to dunks et al

2000.08.06 mark, olly
eishohle, 40h
up riged icefall in SVH & down pitches to pushing front. may not come back to TC [stuff about phones ad callouts]

2000.08.06, MikeT, MikeTA, duncan, markB
steinb, ariston to pushing front
bolt down the 2 parallel pithes at the bottom of ariston & then who knows?
Findings:went down 2 poss caves one of which is goo, surface surveyed to both

2000.08.08, martin, earl, bbrian
steinB, thread, needle, pendulump, new chamber
bot pitch in new chamber, survey and explore possible leads inwhite elephant

2000.08.08, becka, bob
eishohle, up oly's ice climb
find connection
Findings:gr - sorry folks, surveyed and shouted but no joy

2000.08.08, duncan, anthony,mikeTA, kiwi mike, mick
steinb, bottom of ariston
push and connect to KH!

2000.08.08 Julia
surface, 161d path to 161a, 161c
find and tag 187, 193
Findings:possible 193 candidate, route cairned from 161c

2000.08.09, becka+earl
surface shafts and steinb
take beckas gear to [earl's gear from steinb + bolt + descend the one or two shafts en route

2000.08.10, brian, becka
steinb, pendulum passage to big chamber
survey [ push rigging big pitch

2000.08.10, martin, julia
steinB, pendulum passage-> julias lead then 110 a day leads 11c and 12c

2000.08.10 marks, earl
eishohle, 40h
correct elephantengang survey to old + look for QMs in old cave. If time down Mission impossible to the streamway

2000.08.10 dunks, dour
steinb, ariston
survey & push smaller pitch lead

2000.08.10, martin, julia
surface bimble,back of hinter, plateau
tag, GPS etc

2000.08.10, wook, andrewA
eishohle, oly's route
traverse over big pitch past the pool

2000.08.10, kiwi mike, mickT
stein 204, bottom of ariston & down watery pitches
push & survey
Findings:nowt, kiwi mike had the shits so didn't get underground

2000.08.11, kiwi mike, becka
steinb, bottom of ariston & down watery pitches
push & survey

2000.08.11, martin, julia
steinB, pendulum passage->julias lead->110 a day leads 11c and 12c
survey and push julias lead

2000.08 15 (14?), martin, markb
steinb, leads off 110 a day (passage earl did not want to look at mud in)
survey then derig top of brian's bit

2000.08.14, earl and marks
eishohle, 40h
dig squeeze off main chamber
Findings: meet andya @ car park @9pm to go downhill. if miss him will go to top camp

2000.08.14, becka
try to catch mark & martin. If not will carry rope back from sb
Findings:same as these two [arrow to previous trip] BEST TRIP THIS EXPO!

2000.08.14, martin
SteinB, pendulum passage to derig brian's stuff, then meet markb and julia and go to big stuff of 110a day

markB, julia
Steinb, 110 a day big stuff

2000.08.15, dunks, dour, mikekiwi
steinB, ariston
push/survey rift at bottom of extended ariston series, derig out to top of ariston

2000.08.16, becka martin
steinb, 110 a day
survey remaining stomping bits
Findings:will phone base camp if haven't met a driver by 9pm

In other book:

2000.08.13, martinG, markB
204,survey QM 11c of 110a day
survey, phone base camp from TC

2000.08.14, martin, mark