In July of this year, Cambridge University Caving Club (CUCC) embarked upon its 11th annual expedition to the Kaninchenhöhle cave system in the Totes Gebirge mountains of Austria. The club has been exploring previously undiscovered caves in this area since accepting an invitation by an Austrian club, (then the Sektion Ausseerland of LVfHO, now VfHO), in 1976. During the intervening years several of these caves have grown to be of international significance, this includes Kaninchenhöhle, the subject of our current and ongoing expeditions.

Members have recently returned to Cambridge and work is in progress on a full report and survey of the new finds. The smaller scale of the 1998 trip and the relative inexperience of many of the members has meant that finds have been somewhat less spectacular than on some of the recent expeditions. However, a number of important finds were made: