As increasingly impoverished students make up a large proportion of the expedition, which is very far from a "cheap holiday", we are grateful for the sponsorship we have received over recent years, largely in the form of Food. Here we detail those who have supported the expedition & how. We also receive monetary support from a number of grant-giving bodies.

Our 1997 sponsors were:

Barts Spices
Spices and cash: Student cuisine is apt to be monotonous unless livened up a little, so a selection of spices is essential to keep us all sane.
Cooking sauces: Also helps avoid monotony, but especially good for producing appetising meals rapidly when more folk come down to base camp than expected.
Thomas Tunnock Ltd.
Tunnock's Caramel Wafers: Very popular, light, high-energy camp & cave food.
Thorntons plc.
Special Fudge: Yummy, very high energy and remarkably cave-proof cave food for a faster boost to flagging cavers.
Wander Ltd.
Ovaltine Options drink: Excellent instant drink, both chocolate and choc'n'mint much appreciated at both top and base camps.
Aleph1 Ltd.
Expeditions have come some way since the days of candles in jam jars, and CUCC uses computers for the cave surveying and documentation (ie. this website). Aleph1 loaned the expedition PC, as well as providing workshop facilities for a variety of other gizmos such as radios and GPS units.
Wax for boots: Cavers don't just use wellies: leather boots take some hammer on repeated walks-in to the plateau in typically wet expo weather. Nikwax helps repel some of that and avoid trench foot.
Terra Nova Equipment.
Tents: With people constantrly moving between Base and Top Camps, expo needs more cloth houses than people. The discount provided on these was very useful.
Warning: their website is framed and unusable on many browsers.

Sponsors for the current year: