CUCC have received much sponsorship over recent years, largely in the form of Food. Here we detail those who have supported the expedition & how. We also receive monetary support from a number of grant-giving bodies

Our 1996 sponsors were:

Morning Foods
Mornflake oats: tradition holds that you will have an epic if the porridge doesn't thicken, so a foolproof product is essential. The empty tins have a multitude of uses, and the full ones are good to sit on !
Spices: Student cuisine is apt to be monotonous unless livened up a little, so a selection of spices helps keep us all sane.
Noodles: After a hard trip, cavers want food quickly without using too much gas. Noodles are the fastest form of hot carbohydrate, and far superior to soggy rice.
Sunflower bars: A good mix of simple and complex carbohydrate to keep energy levels high 'on the hoof'
Smithkline Beecham Nutritional Healthcare
Horlicks drink: Tasty, nutritious instant drinks
Thorntons plc.
Fudge: Yummy, very high energy cave food for a faster boost to flagging cavers
Thomas Tunnock Ltd.
Tunnock's Caramel Wafers: Very popular, light, high-energy camp & cave food
Walkers' Nonsuch Ltd.
Toffee: Robust. very high energy cave food
Wander Ltd.
Ovaltine Options drink: Excellent instant drink
Terra Nova Equipment.
Tents: With both Base and Top Camps, an excessive supply of cloth houses is essential. The discount provided on these was very useful. Warning: their website is framed and unusable on many browsers.