Cambridge Underground 1992 p 20

Its a Washout

Juliette Kelly

91.07.10 (Tony, Del, JulianH, Juliette)

On an overcast day the trip began in the light of - quote "In a fair rain Puffball was wettish but showed no signs of being dangerous" - Olly.

Rowdy riggers Kelly and Haines wham in 7 bolts (hand drilled due to technophobia). Haines manages to knock off all but one tooth of the spit using fat bastard lumpling hammer.

Sleazy Surveyors Töny Melöné and Del-a-lôgus-leg man take on the records from the bottom of shell pitch. Tony's keen eye and Del-a-microdiagrams bounce on down for 5/6 hrs.

At the end of their rope, and still without hearing the 'sleazers we decide to tie the ropes together. Lady incompetence suggests this:-

[a graphic - technology hasn't reached this bit yet]

>1ft (Do knot do this)

(The Dougherty supervariation is:-

[a graphic - technology hasn't reached this bit yet]

reef- allows you to undo it)

After 15 minutes Juliette is down and Julian is tackling Fat Knot Fruity - with some flow of suitable abuse.

Meanwhile the surveyors can hear us coming back up the rift ... or not ... the thundering increases, even Del knows Juliette's not that fat ... and they are running for the rift, sit and watch a fountain emerge from the top of pitch.

Having also heard this gradual roaring build, dared not mention to each other, not wishing to induce panic - PANIC - Julian by calmly proclaiming that he might start going up and Juliette by plastering herself against the wall and preparing for certain death in the form of an Indiana Jones style tidal wave (with rocks). It's arrival was in fact a slight anticlimax in comparison to this.

Meeting Del & Tony was a relief, especially as Tony had a waterproof oversuit and was made to go last and prussik in the water. In summary - from the 'Traditional Style' pitches to the entrance after 3hrs torrential rain are possible, the rebelays and deviations are out of water, but you will be totally soaked.

Below this the water can only increase. The mud on the rift above Thundering Pitch is halfway up the rift. So the answer is:- Only go in clear not thundery weather. Rig well out of the water.