Cambridge Underground 1990 pp 21-23

Summary of Expedition Finds 1976 - 1989

1976 This was the first CUCC expedition to Austria, and was primarily a reconnaissance trip. The area was sufficiently promising that it was decided to return in 1977.

1977 82 Bräuninghöhle -216m (BCRA Grade 3) Entrance crawl followed by a series of wet pitches.

97 Schneewindschacht -265m (BCRA Grade 1) Tight entrance series leads to a succession of small pitches in a large rift. Too tight at -265m.

76 Eislufthöhle -150m (BCRA Grades 1-4c) Pushed as far as the Tap Room (was originally 106).

1978 76 Eislufthöhle -350m Pushed to -350m as far as The Fiesta Run, and still going.

107 Gämsehöhle -280m (BCRA Grade 3) A series of pitches ending in a choke.

1979 76 Eislufthöhle -506m Bottomed, though a few side passages left unexplored.

1980 - Joint expedition with UBSS 41 Stellerweghöhle -320m A new route explored in what was originally a German find.

113 Sonnenstrahlhöhle -329m

1981 - Joint expedition with UBSS 41 Stellerweghöhle -680m Pushed through Pete's Purgatory. Connected to Schnellzughöhle (115) at -400m.

1982 41 Stellerweghöhle -898m (BCRA Grade 5, below Confluence) Bottomed via Purgatory Bypass.

113 Sonnenstrahlhöhle Redescended, but the cave went no further.

1983 142 (near Stellerweghöhle) Explored to the Big Chamber and connected to Stellerweg.

136 Steinschlagschacht -194m Very many loose boulders.

143 -125m (BCRA Grade 5a) Became too tight after a series of pitches. Later explored to -140m.

144 -284m (BCRA Grade 5b) Met phreatic level at -200m, but could not gain access to passage heading towards Stellerweghöhle.

145 Wolfhöhle -300m This cave was named (incorrectly) after a bear skeleton that was found near the entrance. Still going at the end of the expedition.

1984 A small expedition involving only ten people for three weeks. Wet weather at the start of the expedition resulting in low morale.

The main aim of exploring Wolfhöhle further was achieved as the cave only went to -426m (approx. 125m further). One pushing team was trapped for 12hrs by flooding, with water levels rising suddenly. They emerged to meet the rescue party who were delayed by the weather.

136 Steinschlagschacht -240m (BCRA Grade 1) Ending in a narrowing rift, no proper survey due to the dangerous nature of the cave.

143 Explored for connection to Stellerweg. An audible connection was found, but was too tight to allow the passage of cavers.

145 Wolfhöhle -426m (BCRA Grade 5b) Bottomed.

1985 The connection between Stellerweg and 144 was the year's big find. Minor extensions were found in 142, and 152 was discovered and explored to a connection with Sonnenstrahlhöhle. The expedition was even smaller than the 1984 one, comprising only eight people.

142 Minor extensions were found.

144 Connecting to Stellerweg giving a total depth of -971 m and 6.5km of passage.

152 (BCRA Grade 5b) Explored to a connection with Sonnenstrahlhöhle at -150m.

1986 This expedition intentionally left blank

1987 A small and generally inexperienced party had a rather unsuccessful expedition, finding lots of small extensions to existing systems, but only one new cave.

A group of German and French cavers linked their system into Stellerweg, making the entire system over 1 km deep, and giving them the highest entrance.

87 Minor extensions found but no extra depth gained.

113 Sonnenstrahlhöhle Found new route from just inside the entrance to the Opera House.

158 Donner-und-Blitzenhöhle Pushed to small wet chamber.

1988 This was the largest expedition to date, with over twenty-five members. A total of three weeks was spent in Austria. With little to continue from 1987, the main emphasis was on finding new caves, but atrocious weather hampered progress.

147 Rediscovered and explored.

158 Donner-und-Blitzenhöhle Rerigged but didn't go beyond last year's final chamber.

164 Bottomed, but not surveyed due to flooding.

161 Kaninchenhöhle -300m (BCRA Grade 3) A promising and complicated system. A tight vertical squeeze was eventually passed to give several ways on.

1989 See the expedition diary for a description.

161 Kaninchenhöhle System -500m (BCRA grade 5) A sump was found at -500m, and a major new route was developed. Several routes remain undescended and there is plenty of potential for further discoveries as the complexity of the system becomes apparent.

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