Cambridge Underground 1984 p 36

Austria 84 - Stop Press

Since the Journal is so late this year, here's a brief report on CUCC's latest activities.

Steinschlagschacht bottomed at about 240m, with the rift suddenly becoming too narrow to follow. Due to lack of enthusiasm it was not surveyed below last year's limit. Wolfhöhle also stopped, at a sump, just after 400m, but was surveyed. The Wolf, it seems, is actually a bear of some description. We now anticipate a period of mindless recrimination while the name is haggled over.

The attempt to connect into the Stellerweg system from above (entrances 143 and 144) yielded an audible connection, in one direction at least, but is too long to be hammered open.

Some prospecting was done on the plateau, heading towards the Ht. Schwarzmoos Kgl., which is getting a depressingly long way from the Car Park. Maybe future expeditions will have to camp on the plateau.

Apart from that, it rained rather a lot. The beer tent was decorated with sweetcorn by the simple expedient of heating a can until it exploded. Some biy scouts subsequently asked us not to let off fireworks in the middle of the night. The landlady at the Staudnwirt also indicated that Meatloaf et al at full blast tended to drown out the musak in the bar. Still, it was discovered that it is possible to have a drunken bop for 4 people in the back of a small Land Rover while doing 50 mph along the road to Grundlsee at 3 in the morning.

See next years journal for the full sordid details!

Mike Richardson