Expedition 1980

If you ever find this logbook, then for fuck's sake make N photocopies and send me one before it disappears for another 15 years :-( Andy

The following details are reconstructed from various sources, and do not pretend to be complete - they are almost all concerned with Stellerweg:

July 30th Andy W and Budge into 41 and find (quite by accident) a new way on. TU 3½ hrs

July 30th Steve Perry and Julian Griffiths form wave 2 in 41 and explore to greasy ladder pitch above Big Pitch in 41.

July 31st Steve and Julian 15m down Big Pitch, before being thwarted by light failure.

August 2nd Julian and Nick Thorne bottom Big Pitch and reach start of small pitches in 41.

August 2nd Clive Owen and Tim Parker fail to reach pushing front in 41 owing to mishap on Big Pitch.

August 3rd Nick and Budge go to check "obvious" way on to German Route in 41.

August 4th Julian and Nick Thorne push down the pitches in 41's German Route.

August 5th Ben and Steve push to the feasible end of German Route in 41

August 6th Clive and Julian get down small pitches in 41 to start of Big Rift.

August 8th Steve and Julian have to retreat in haste from sudden flood pulse at top of Big Rift in 41.

August 10th Ben and Steve push on in 41 Big Rift.

August 11th Andy W and Julian survey 41 from Big Pitch to Big Rift, whilst Steve and Tim push Big Rift down two 17m pitches. TU 12½-13 hrs

There were at least six trips into 115, but the dates are impossible to deduce without finding the log book. The correct way on to the Ramp was only found on the derigging trip.

1981 log is missing, so there is as yet no link to the 1981 rigging in trip in 41, nor 115. 41 has never been rigged since by CUCC (though much has been and is being done by the Arge group from Stuttgart with whom we cooperate).

First 1982 115 trip