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underground survey length: 0.00 metres
cave primary survexfile
directory primary survexfile None
block rootblock has parent block None (in file .svx)
2023-07-14 ['rootblock'] Survex files on this date:
Wallets on this date:
    2023#21 and surface near Garlic ['Garlic-Surface-1']
    2023#22 [Goose_Box] ['notes_Goose_Box_3', 'notes_Goose_box_2', 'Goose Box plan', 'notes_Goose_Box_1…
    2023#23 Alpine Waterfall - watershed ['incavenotes-2', 'incavenotes-1']
    2023#24 flowstone canyon -alpine_waterfall ['Flowstone2-incavenotes-2', 'Flowstone2-incavenotes-1']
    2023#25 [Alpine Showers] ['Alpine-showers-plan-sketch', 'Alpine-showers-plan']
    2023#27 Lord Of The Flies ['Final File', 'Final File_3wEMucM']
    2023#33 prospecting ['No uploaded scans or incorrect path to wallet contents']
Logbook trips on this date:
    Homecoming - pushing down homecoming from flowstone canyon, into alpine showers
    basecamp - UK Caving Blog post: Rain at times