Surveys for Wolfhöhle - id:1623-145

Cave description: 1623/145/145.html

caves-1623/145 caves-1623/145/resurvey2005 caves-1623/145/145cucc

If you can see a filename here: [ caves-1623/145/145.svx  ] which does not match any in the list below including the directories beginning with caves-162X/ not just the filename, then (if logged on) you can click here 1623-145_cave_edit to go to a form to correct the online data. Instructions for filling in this form are in this part of the survey handbook.


Survex fileBlockDateExplorerslengthTitlesScans
145 0.0 1623/145 -- Wolfhoehle


Survex fileBlockDateExplorerslengthTitlesScans
145-2005 Mon 01 Aug 2005 514.1 (1623/145 -- Wolfhoehle)


Survex fileBlockDateExplorerslengthTitlesScans
part3 Wed 10 Aug 1983 Julian Griffiths Chas Butcher Mike Thomas 332.4 Wolfhöhle (formerly 'CJ' survey)
part3to4 Sun 05 Aug 1984 John Parrington Bill Hawkswell 9.4 extra connecting leg done by pt5 surveyors
part4 Sat 04 Aug 1984 Phil Wigglesworth Brian Derby 321.8 Wolfhöhle, (not quite to bottom, 'cos lights ran out)
part5 Sun 05 Aug 1984 John Parrington Bill Hawkswell 52.8 final part to bottom (no sketching done)