Expo - UK Caving Blog post 4

Sun 02 Jul 2023
Honorata Bogusz

Blog Author: honorata

Progress after the first 3 days of expo

July 2nd

12 people who had been at base camp at this point set off for top camp. The hike up was rainy and foggy. We put reflectors and more cairns along the way and then arrived at top camp. There is currently plenty of snow there and most of the stuff stashed in the storage cave had to be dug out (with mess tins since the snow showel was at the very bottom) and hauled up. We got everything out, except for the solar panels which require more consideration when towing out. We set up the water collection system and then headed back to base camp.

Pic: Janis Huns (left) and Will Kay (right).

Pic: Janis Huns attaching stuff to the rope for hauling up.

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