Balkonhöhle - Camping trip at Pitstop pushing Southern & Northern Pitstop

Mon 15 Aug 2022
Hannah Collings

After a long morning persuading Nat that I was capable of caving despite the covid and establisling that no covid free person was keen to take my place, we were allowed to go caving. But only after Dinny and Nat repacked my bag as they took great issue with the tackle bag swinging off the back - they were so proud of their handy work they got a picture with the finished result. We finally got underground at around midday and Jono promptly disturbed the peace of the cave by descending the entrance series with his speaker! It was Charlotte's first trip down to Pitstop, so I pointed out the sites along the way.

We got down to camp around 16:00 and after a quick snack of noodle soup headed off to southern pitstop for some afternoon pushing. It was a first time for all of us down southern putstop and we pushed a good A lead beyond Safe and Comfortable. Charlotte and I surveyed whilst Jono did his 3D scanning. We did around 100m up a fairly steep, muddy passage (this new passage was named Covid Corner) ending with a passage down into a rift and a climb up connecting into the same rift higher up. The lower passage is too tight so the only way on is the higher passage which requires rigging to drop down into the rift. A little cold and hungry we headed back to camp for a glorious dinner of curry and smash, during which we filmed some fantastic media content in the hopes of curry sponsorship for future expos.

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