Surface Prospecting Trip in area sound of Fishface

Mon 01 Aug 2022
Hannah Collings

HH-01 47.69165 degrees N, 13.81549 degrees E Just off top camp-fish face path. Snow plug, no draft.

HH-02 47.69165 degrees N, 13.81517 degrees E Next to HH-01, just off top camp-fish face path. Snow plug, draft. Accessible with rope at far end, down side of snow plug.

HH-03 47.69080 degrees N, 13.81234 degrees E Approx. 1.5m hole in ground, narrow. Drops ~10m to floor, needs rope to access.

HH-04 47.69062 degrees N, 13.81182 degrees E Rift approx. 6m deep, free climable. Rift goes ~5/10m before crapping out with boulders. Small draft.

HH-05 47.69025 degrees N, 13.81180 degrees E Big hole with snow plug and no draft - suspect goes nowhere.

HH-06 47.69017 degrees N, 13.81158 degrees E Large open pit approx. 25m deep - needs rope to drop., Unsure about draft.

HH-07 47.68906 degrees N, 13.81090 degrees E Very large entrance, sloping down. Two passages off entrance chamber choking up within a few meters - no way on. Found a gemser skull and ice column.

HH-08 47.68906 degrees N, 13.80940 degrees E Large rifty hole approx 20m deep. Requires rope to inspect.

HH-09 47.68859 degrees N, 13.80918 degrees E Large hole with stone bridges over and big snow plug, approx 20m. Needs rope to inspect.

HH-10 47.68797 degrees N, 13.80954 degrees E Deep rift approx. 20-30m deep. Needs rope to inspect. ~5 away from 1623.p98

HH-11 47.68665 degrees N, 13.81102 degrees E Approx. 10m shaft with possible but unlikely way on at bottom. Needs rope to inspect.

HH-12 47.68620 degrees N, 13.81185 degrees E Large hole, craps out.

Of those found, the ones potentially worth revisiting with rope to inspect: HH-02, HH-03, HH-06, HH-08, HH-09, HH-10

Photos of entrances uploaded to expo website.

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