Tunnocks - Camp Kraken derig

Mon 14 Aug 2017
Rachel Turnbull

The paella had been unanimously sacked off. (Real reasons apply). After arriving at camp, we learnt Rob had investigated Anthemusa and was thoroughly unimpressed.

Note from Rob: I wouldn’t say I was thoroughly unimpressed after a look at the survey and consideration of the possibilities. Big potential, could find another Kraken. To access, cross Turtle traverse (slippy, bolted, can do without a rope but high stakes if you slip) and ascend choss slope. Possible to kick rocks down so care required. Good draft coming out of entrance to Anthemusa chamber proper near top of slope. Enter drippy chamber where draft dissipates. Chamber very large with a lot of loose muddy boulders. Hard to work out way on. Pre-2017 survey and 2015 logbook have pitch noted in northeast corner that I could not find (though didn’t spend very long there). Needs another look by a team who enjoy boulders and technical bolting. I didn’t do much poking as I was on my own and having a boulder move under the circumstances would not have done well.

Rachel continuing: after we had stripped camp Alex set off with three hefty tacklesacks, Rob following with two whilst I derigged Kraken to remove it from the cave. The rope for Inferno was pulled up and coiled in sets up to the rebelays to support the riggers next year, left at the pitch head. Magic Glue was pulled up and left at the pitch head, one of the deviations was removed (can’t remember which). Widow Twankies rope was removed from the cave, with Rob ferrying seven tacklesacks from pitch to pitch as far as the bottom of Procrastination. The short rope below Number of the Beast was derigged and coiled.

Tacklebags were removed including the camp pits and degradables (full list available). Three tacklebags containing rope from below camp were removed, in summary, and all but three rope bags which were left at the following stations:

  • Bottom of Number of the Beast
  • Top of Number of the Beast
  • Bottom of Procrastination

A very solid effort put in by all, as Rob and I exited the cave shortly after Alex. Hiltis greased and reflected appropriately.

P.S. I did the ‘womens work’ of cleaning the tent floor with disinfectant and then washing up and tidying up whilst Rob and Alex did the ‘proper work’.

  • 14 soups
  • 1.5 bags smash
  • 27 tea bags
  • 2 sandwich bags custard
  • 1 sandwich bag sugar
  • 1 sandwich bag milk powder
  • 4 sandwich bags flapjack
  • 1 sandwich bag ready brek
  • 15 tea lights
  • 1 nail varnish
  • 3 pencils
  • Small amount cleaning fluid (for tent cleaning)
  • 5 green hi gear mugs
  • 4 roll mats
  • 1/3 460ml gas canister
  • Poo stool
  • 3 daren drums (water)
  • 2 billy pans
  • Lighter
  • 2016 camp first aid kit
  • Small amount whisky

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