258 - Batteries !*!*!*!

Wed 05 Aug 2015

Ben started the large phreatic tube pitch - a top of tubes from Bipedal Passage. Pete meanwhile detackled the Inaugral Lecture Series (through window to Michael et al pitch down) and retrieved ropes for Ben.

After a natural and two more nice y-hangs in teh ~60/70 degree corkscrew phreatic tube - Ben arrived at bottom. It is VERY MUDDY PITCH! Lots of slippy jammers on the way back up.

There he climbed up 2m from small clamber to start a 10 - 15m pitch into wide open passage. The drill was given a nice new battery. Hurrah it did 1.5 bolts. *!*!*!*! crap.

So there is a nice undescended pitch into A lead - needing another 1.5 bolts! Arg! Pitch up very muddy.

Note - Pete - Ben definitely did not get lost walking to Balcony Hohle for 6th time in 8/9 days. (Oh No!)

Bipedal Traverse series plan