Balcony - Bipedal Passage

Wed 29 Jul 2015

Plan of lead beyond Natural Highs traverse

After 12 hrs underground the day before, I fancied a shorter trip and targeted a south pointing lead after Natural Highs.

Directions: After Natural Highs traverse, instead of going right up the climbs into Leeds Bypass, turn left, follow the main passage, a walking sized rift. It ends in a big hole.

The hole was, in fact, somewhat longer + deeper than I had remembered. Looking good though!

We had a 39m rope + 1½ drill batteries. Starting with the new drill battery, I started to bolt round the ledges on the right hand wall. 1½ holes later the battery died - grrr!! The remaining ½ battery got us ~1/3 way along the right wall.

Rigging topo for traverse

Still hard to see how far the straight ahead lead would go - potentially a top level + a mid level need to be checked.

After the drill batteries went, I belayed Pete across a small (!!) rock bridge to check out a side passage, but it ended in a blind pot.

On the way back, Pete threw rocks down - 2 second free fall and a further 8 second rattle!

We then did two token survey legs before retreading.

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