Tunnocks THE BEAST

Mon 04 Aug 2014

unfortunately we have been defeated by the Beast. :( Noel & I decided to try & have a go at dropping the Beast. So down String Theory, down Pigeon's in Flight and off to the top of Pigeon Droppings. Here there was a gear stash & Pigeon Droppings was rigged - awaiting a derig. So whilst I repacked the gear, Noel derigged Pigeon Droppings. Once all the gear was out, sorted & repacked - we headed to the Beast. We had decided to try the window Becka & I had found (back on the connection trip in 2012). So Noel rigged Eh Bah Gum, which unfortunately was rigged on thru-bolts and also needed a new rebelay due to a trashed bolt. Once done, we head to the ledge and the story continues...

Cartoon of 3 attempts to find a rigging point for The Beast
So we were defeated. There is no suitable place to drop the Beast. So we then derigged Eh Bah Gum & dragged all the gear, including Pigeon's in Flight, to the bottom of String Theory.