258 Upper level Tunnock - Oompah, Just for a Laugh, Naughty, Naughty and 08-19 Alead

Thu 01 Aug 2013

Becka + Mike down to Oompah + rigged the pitch on the left, down ~15m + looked blind but then Mike spotted a short climb up to another pitch with a good draft which just needs a crowbar to shift a teetering boulder so we left that as a good high level lead. Matt + Anthony caught up + we looked at the snow + pine needle aven which was very full of snow this year so no way up. Then took Mike + Matt to Just for a Laugh + they dropped the 25m pitch at 07-56A which was blind whilst I went with anthony to Naughty Naughty. Unfortunately Anthony couldn't turn to get around the Z bend so Becka went alone to check the leads at the end. Frustratingly failed to find where the strong draft was going to but it was still there at ceiling level in final chamber.