Tunnocks - Gravity always wins, then blind and broken

Tue 05 Aug 2008

Dropped 'Gravity always wins' - p20 off 3 spits; then short traverse line to Ollie's rig which gave a perfect free hang down to floor - stunning pitch to rubble floor choke ~p40, de-rigged as no QMs at bottom.

Went across Ollie's bonkers traverse (called delicious leak) to the 'chamber'. Ollie's 'chamber' was 3 holes each give ~ 40m drop. Rigged pitch in 'rift' - perfect Y hang drops 36m to boulder ledge down another beautiful shaft. 1 spit rebelay off left hand side (looking out) to 8m hang to floor. Rift heads off - tight but booms - QMC.

Up boulder slope leads to p10 with hole in floor that went 'boom'. Out of rope so put some bolts in (2 on right wall high above p10, 2 for Y hang under dribble ~2m down) and headed off out. V close to callout - oops.

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