Gaffered -> The Wares + Derig

Sat 11 Aug 2007

Pootled to the Wares & headed off for a QM I'd been hankering after checking. QM 04-49A. We'd left it as a steep ramp needing a handline in 2004. I rigged a handline up (needs ~25m rope) using 2 naturals then hand bolted a spit on the left wall then a very fine thread on the left wall then tied off on dodgy naturals at the top. Surveyed up to find an extensive horizontal level - yippee. Sadly this was a derig trip so we surveyed as much as we could, as far as a complex chamber with several pitches, and we had to run out leaving lots of QMA's. Aaron's light played up then fell apart and he couldn't find his spare batteries, "I think I've learnt a lesson about redundancy today" says he ... Then slog, slog, slog, up the derig. Martin set off first with a tacklesack & then pulled a second sack up Gaffered, I derigged & Aaron did a tacklesack shuffle. We ended up getting 3 tacklesacks all the way out, one at the bottom of E entrance pitch & one tied to the bottom of Gaffered pitch so a pretty good job.