81-148 connection

Tue 07 Aug 2007

Olly looked down the surface shaft near 148 first - down to the snow plug then the ledge to where a narrow rift heads down presumably into the aven in 148. Didn't push down this yet as we have the other route rigged.

We were going to push the pitch shaft in 148 but I was feeling sick so we went back to 81 to tie up a surveying loose end. Olly concocted a plan whereby I sat at the entrance and felt ill, and Olly went down the rift shaft and bolted the hypothesized 148 connection. I figured he would have a hard time with the rope, drill & survey left on his own through the rift & climbs, so I came too & felt ill & whinged a lot. Olly bolted down the pitch at the end of the ice and sadly it didn't go far. We surveyed it and while I derigged Olly looked for other pitches we had missed.

Back at the other end a tight grovel through ice led to a small rift and a pitch. This dropped into 148! Right where we built a cairn which was cool. Surveyed out passing Nial & Andrew photoing ice and raisins.