BS17 - 'Quest to BS17'

Fri 03 Aug 2007
Richard Mundy

The previous night I had been down to 'God Loves A Drunk' with George North. On the 3rd I therefore hurt and my caving gear was thoroughly soaked through. Given no sun to dry it, a day of top camp festering ensued. I erased the memories of prussiking through 2 deg C Razordance waterfalls ("the wettest I have ever seen it" - Mark D) by going on a mission for Dave L; a quest to BS17.

BS17 is about a 1h10 walk away, with no heavy pack in ordinary clothes. One travels over the ridge behind the bivvy and over two subsequent hills, before coming across a fairly low ridge, perhaps 500m long and running E-W. On the far (North) side of the ridge, the limestone takes the form of a series of 5m cliffs up the slope.

Organhoehle, BS17, is likely to be one of the many holes in these cliffs. The GPS point did not correspond to one exactly, but there were half a dozen possibilities within 50m. The area around the ridge appears very promising for caves. The limestone is not very broken-up and there are holes, big & small, everywhere. The side of the ridge is particularity nice in that it offers many horizontal entrances.

I took my photographs using Ollie S's camera before stumbling back in thick fog, hoping the GPS did not pack-up.

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