Surface Prospecting - Prospecting from 204

Wed 01 Aug 2007
Becka Lawson

Andrew and I decided to get a bit of gentle exercise so did a walk towards 161d/g and found not v. many promising holes for quite a lot of stomping.

1 2007-03 Elev 1747m 36970 82767 Horizontal entrance to ~3m pitch, slight draft out. Not very promising.

2 2007-04 Elev 1750m 37017 828845 Low, wide entrance at base of 3m cliff - a dig!

3 2007-05 Elev 1758m 37070 82945 5m deep surface hole with two horizontal entrances at either end. The most likely-looking lead probably.

4 2007-06 Elev 1810m 36931 83264 20m deep surface shaft - possible way off from base, to SE.

5 2007-07 Elev 1873m 36916 83559. Horizontal tube sloping down, ends after 10m, no draft.

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