Surface Prospecting - More Useful Walkies

Sun 22 Jul 2007
Julia Bradshaw

Having been down the hill and acquired a picture of the 247 entrance I went back to where the GPS said it should be and there it was, I'd been stood right on top of it the last time. So 247 now has its correct tag.

Then I went to 2002-09 and tagged it. The entrance is about 30cm by 30cm and goes in at a bearing of 165°. There's one small chamber with a too-tight rift and choked shaft. Don't think this should be assigned a kataster number as it is v. small. The tag is above the entrance, a photo showing the location of the tag is on the computer.

sketch, presumbaly of 247

Next I went to Earl and Becka's cave 7 and tagged it as 2003-16. Photos on the computer. The freeclimable entrance was very tempting but in the end I didn't risk it as I was on my own. Will hopefully get to stick my nose down there before going home.

Finally retagged Rock'n'Roll Hoehle (B) with the correct 239B and checked that the A entrance was tagged correctly which it be. Photos of both entrances on the computer. Yes, this was a very boring logbook entry but that's just tough.

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