Trying to find 71

Mon 14 Aug 2006
Dave Loeffler

I thought I'd kill time while Phil and Sandeep were carrying by looking for Fledermaushoehle. Tried the Kratzer path first and got within about 50m of our best-guess point but that involved lots of tedious scrambling. On the next walk down I left the path higher up (just at the last really steep bit out of Brauning Alm) and bunda-bashed. Unfortunately there are no holes anywhere remotely close to the measured point! Bummer.

(Also saw a hole which could well have been 35, but didn't check it out. Waddington, come back, your expo needs you ....).

[Different hand-writing style]

Wow! I never knew Dunks [Dave? Darks?] was such a lightweight ... yep!

I have missed you, Goesser. Ich liebe dich ....

Oh shit, I am far too drunk.

[Different hand-writing style]

When people are drunk they say the truth :-(

[Different hand-writing style]

I am supposed to be setting a good example here. I am expedition archivist after all. Sarah W. [?arghs ?max? ?randomy? - can't read final three words].

[Different hand-writing style]

Besides, I am still capable of writing quite neatly. Nonetheless, I am writing at a reasonable speed. At least I actually have something to write. This is a content-free rant, but if you look back over the last 6 years, you will realise that there is a certain status that one must attain before one is entitled to make logbook entries that are this inconsequential.

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