76: Waste of Time

Thu 10 Aug 2006
Jenny Black

Couldn't decide whether to look at Razor Advance, the Time and Space pitch or the 1970's Route. Picked Time and Space as it was nearest. Olly bolted down as I fed out the 150m rope from the big bag. Surprisingly it only needed 2 bolts (as well as the pitch head it shares with the pendule / traverse rope). The 150m rope was very fast - even with a breaking krab I didn't need to hold the handle in on my stop at all .. sadly after 31m the pitch got very drippy and ended - a tight slot dropped away in the floor but wasn't very big. It may be passable but from its position looks like it will trivially appear in a too tight inlet in Keg Series. This ptich is called "Waste of Time". So that lead was ticked off in a very dull way. Surveying and derigging got us back to the Tap Room where we set off to rig down Spent Ledge stuff. I got very cold (partly cos I had spent the time Olly bolted Waste of Time sitting shivering) cos Spent Ledge is really draughty. Also, my brain thought it was bedime as it was nearly midnight. I got very cold and useless and made Olly turn round. Eventually prussiking warmed me up and I felt better, but I have never been that cold before and it was crap.

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