Surface stuff

Wed 19 Jul 2006

Went for a wander in the vicinity of the dig 01-35D in Choc Salty Balls. Directly above there is sod all.

A little further south we found a winding canyon / hole ending in a boulder choke. Shifted boulders for a while but it didn't do much. On climbing out I suddenly noticed it had a tag! Turns out this is 2002-05, which is presumably something to do with Duncan. {This has since beeen surveyed by Matt and Phil and named "Rhubarb Cave"]. Slightly lower down is another tagged hole 2002-06, which is a freeclimable shaft (with care - Aaron fell off when his handline parted company with the wall). At the bottom it degenerates to a crap too-tight chossy hole. I believe this is Matt and Phil's "Custard Hole".

After this we returned to the bivvy for soup and noodles and me, Tom and Aaron went to 204 (see writeup) and Mark went prospecting to the north, finding 2005-04 (Tunnockschacht).