204 - Earthenware

Sun 01 Aug 2004

Martin was keen to see Gaffered. Julian and I were feeling a bit worn but went for it. Down to where Frank and I had finished our survey yesterday. We connected our survey in to an earlier point along Earthenware where Frank and I had made a vocal connection yesterday then continued the survey south going relatively slowly due to Martin's conscientious note-taking. Very large passage ended in a mud choke but we turned off left up a reasonably large passage heading up steeply. This closed down to a small chamber with an unpromising rift off to the left but it drafted well and after some short legs we popped out into the bottom of a large mud ramp. We surveyed up this as far as was sensible given the slope + the very slippery mud – would be OK with a handline. Then back down the slope and surveyed up a very similar mud ramp off to the side: this ended in a short climb which could be straightforward but would be best protected + wasn't worth us doing as it looked like it led straight to a pitch. Then retreated back to near the boulder collapse where Frank and I had surveyed yesterday and surveyed up a thin drafting tube that I had noticed yesterday. This led up steeply with a pitch (with a nasty mud slope at the edge and uncertain floor beneath); at the top and to the left is a small chamber with a boulder choke which is presumably the same as the main choke at the west end of the big passage. Out.