Journey - Kate + Steve B drive to Expo

Tue 07 Jul 1998
Kate Janossy

BECKA: only arrival date given (08.07.1998 so assumed set off previous day

Remarkably epic-free journey despite driving from Edinburgh via London + Fontainbleau and having the oldest car on expo (a mere 10 years old- whatever happened to expo shit cars ?)

Dave F phoned to ask if he + Henri could have a lift back from canyonning, so I spent a happy half hour bashing my mum's no longer adjustable, utterly shit roof rack until it would fit on the car, so that their tandem could come too.

Nearly got stuck in Fontainbleau due to lovely weather, nice boulders + cheap wine. Stupidly enough, we actually came to expo, where it rained solidly for 4 days.

The roofrack didn't fall off, the car didn't break + we didn't nearly die. Boring or what ?

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    Journey - Kate + Steve B drive to Expo