Surface - Pissing about on the surface again

Wed 13 Aug 1997
Anthony Day

Planned to surface survey 191->161c, and look for the elusive 192, which is allegedly marked and in the same area. Took a while to find 191 and in the process we found 180, which I thought was miles away. Didn't have a tag for 180, but put in a spit for one and surface surveyed from there to 191 and back to 161c. Failed to find 192. Took photos of 180 and 191, the latter now sports a CUCC tag. Retrieved gear from 161d and derigged climbs on surface route and trundled back to topcamp for a brew, then on to 186 ("Rosenkavalierhöhle"). This is the hole erroneously numbered 185 on the side of the Vord which Olly & I refound in 1994 and which William had confirmed as being 186 earlier this expo. The paint has all but disappeared, but we banged in a CUCC tag and surveyed back to top camp - another gets ticked. No photo because I'd run out of film.

Incidentally - The marking at 161c entrance is

1623/_161c_< added later by CUCC

This is similar to the markings on caves H88 and 88F found on 7/8/97 making me suggest that latter caves are also French.

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    Surface - Pissing about on the surface again